Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Working for the Weekend

Since the day I started my first real job at 23, a great white collared shirt has been a work horse in my wardrobe.  I was obsessed with this sweater dress but the neckline was a little odd. The solution was my fav work basic & a pair of great riding boots!!!  Thankful for the sunshine to shake off these January blues!! Looking forward to seeing American Sniper on Friday!! I know, I know it's only Tuesday, but a girl can always look forward to the weekend!!!
Dress: Francescas recent Collared Shirt: Limited Tights: H&M Bag: Coach Via Clothes Mentor Boots: Nordstrom Rack recent

Friday, January 16, 2015

Stay my Baby Forever

Every morning she wakes up asking if she's four yet.  "No baby, your birthday's in April." She'll say "But mom look at my legs, they grew sooo long last nite." The more she begs to grow up the more I'm wishing she would stay three forever. These are the days that she loves me best. The days filled with Octonauts, chutes+ladder and our new favorite Freckleface Strawberry.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Kiwi Crate

For Christmas the kids received a Kiwi Crate subscription form their Grandparents. Each month Kiwi Crate sends a box filled with materials for 2-3 art/science projects geared towards children. You get to pick the appropriate age group. We got 3-4yrs. The best thing about Kiwi is they have EVERY SINGLE THING you need in the packaged in an easy, super organized manner.  Adhesive, simple instructions, even the scissors are included. You're not going to google some pinterest project get your kid all excited about it & realize the baby chewed up the glue stick. True Story!

At first I thought this snowman project was a little to simple. Just stickers & markers. What shocked me was how much Mia LOVED playing the game. It held her attention for almost an hour which is a miracle in itself. My parents got the siblings crate so Wes can get in on the action. He's a little too young at this point. Lucky for Mia's little buddies we can use the  extra supplies when they come over for play dates!!! 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

My Sunshine Boy

There is nothing that makes the challenges of being a mom more worth it then my baby boy looking at me & totally unprompted saying "Mom, I luh you." Is there anything sweeter than the love of a 21 month old? He pretty much always has some sort of vehicle with him. Planes, trains, automobiles, he's obsessed. I melt into an Olaf puddle when he says ohh christmas tree in his lispy little boy voice. 

Around here we are working soooo hard to find a new home & seriously thinking about having one more baby. Life changing, take your breath away, anxiety inducing things coming in 2015. WE CAN"T WAIT!!!!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Look Back at 14!

A collection of my favorite moments & pictures from 2014. So lucky that I can look forward to all that 2015 holds while still being able to look back at the beautiful memories we made. Damon, Mia & Wesley thank you for being everything this mama could ever want. You are my sunshine everyday. Happy New Year!!
Mia started ballet and was the cutest EVER!!! Well almost, since this cute lil bear turned ONE!!!
Vintage aviation first birthday party complete with Mrs. Goodman's cake!!! 
Phantom of the Opera date nite & delicious dinner at The Rossi Bar & Kitchen!
Vegas with our besties!!

Family pictures with Ashley West Photography
Mia turned 3 with an Easter themed birthday party.

Tim McGraw concert!
Picking strawberries fo the first time!!!
Happy Father's Day
Celebrating Damon's birthday in Detroit
Always my sunshine boy!!
Finally crossed New Orleans off my bucket list!!!!!
Happy 5 year anniversary to my <3 p="">
She loves me unconditionally and I savor it, knowing that it's fleeting.
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