Monday, December 26, 2016

Thank Goodness We Had A Happy December

After canceling our Thanksgiving due to a horrible case of mastitis, I was determined to have a magical Christmas. We bought ALL the food for Christmas dinner. Honey baked ham, sparkling grape juice, champagne flutes, tons of desserts annnnnnd we crashed in a big puddle of kids vomiting. Mia in the morning, Wes at nite. They stopped long enough to unwrap gifts and after that it was body aches, scrubbing out trash cans & carpets and sleeping on an air  mattress in the living room to avoid more carpet scrubbing. Luckily we spent all of December doing all the holiday things!!!! WE made Christ mas cookies, went to the North Pole on the Polar Express w my mom & dad, had breakfast with Santa & the Uncles, read the Grinch, watched Wes not sing  in his holiday program, and laughed at the antics of our Elf on the Shelf,  who we never did name. So yesterday was a flop but I'm learning that there are times when we aren't going to thrive, but merely survive and that's okay. Now give me all the Cookie Butter and Home Alone๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜˜

Monday, November 28, 2016

Holiday Pics & Christmas Wish Lists

Kick off to my favorite season started with us canceling Thanksgiving and me in bed with mastitis. I don't know why it affects me so bad but man its horrible. I literally laid in bed all day freezing, sweating & miserable. SOOO Thanksgiving was canceled, the big kids got to have Turkey at Grandma's and we are moving on to the next holiday!!! Have you read the post circulating around Social Media something like "Why my kids don't need gifts for Christmas?" It's so RIGHT ON. Our house is bursting with every super hero, barbie, toy food, kitchen, castle that exists. My kids are so inundated with toys they don't even know what to play with. No magical art of decluttering going on over here. As much as I LOVE STUFF (confessions of a shopaholic) I'd much rather be out and about making memories. Here's a  list of some memories we would love to make.
A day at the Zoo!!
Tickets to the Columbus Children's Theater!!!!
Indoor play place gift cards. We love Firefly &  Peapod.
Build A Bear  (We try & go every Valentines Day).
Swim/Tumbling/Martial Arts Lessons 
Paint Your Own Pottery
Museum Passes
A Day at COSI
Tickets  to a sporting event. Clippers, Crew, Blue Jackets etc.
There's always that one person who CAN NOT get on board with the gift card/gift certificate.  Our  Nana, she must buy them a toy to have under the tree, she' s a traditionalist like that. Honestly Damon is kind of the same way (even though he threatens to throw all the kids toys away on a daily basis). He likes to have STUFF under the tree.

For the Little Babies,  I've literally bought nothing unless you count the personalized  First Christmas ornaments I traditionally buy each kiddo. This year I got Wyatt & Grayson's from The Vintage Pearl. 
I have always wanted the Fisher Price record player. I even had it on Mia's very 1st Christmas List. Not sure why I never bought it?
How about making them an All About My First Book from Shutterfly?
Another cute option I want to try is this personalized Memory game.
Books are a great option too!! I've gotten Mia & Wes each their own copy of Wherever You Are by Nancy Tilman. It makes me choke up every time I read it & I hope one day they will read it with their babies.
Teething sucks so, Merry Christmas here are some adorable teethers?Did you see my blog post on these camera teethers? AMAZE!!

 Kiddos Wishlist Ages 3-5
Art Supplies-Seriously a no brainer. Paints, paint brushes, play dough, markers, colored pencils. We go through it like mad!! It's nice to have a new stash every few months. Especially during the winter!!!
Santa is bringing some Kinetic Sand and I'm excited to see how long it will keep them entertained!
New Movies! I love netflix but there are some movies we just have to have!! On our list now are Finding Dory & Inside Out.
Beados- Prob best for kids 5+. Wes will do them but it can be frustrating. You'll see what I mean.
I splurged & got my kids Magna Tiles in hopes they will build together for endless hours with no fighting. (Wishful thinking I'm sure). These are on my list too!! 
Board Games! We want Pie Face & Head Bandz. Already have and love, Don't Wake Daddy & The Squirrel Game.

Damon & I's wishlist has a cruise and a spa and a live in nanny on it. 
If I HAD to pick a thing it would be THIS backpack from Madewell. I love my Transport Tote but now that I need to be hands free at all times a backpack is this mama's bestie!!
I'm also addicted to the  Project Life scrapbook kits and would love this or this or this. If you know someone who loves to memory keep, you can't really go wrong here!!!
I have a hat addiction & have these in every color!!!!

Now I need to see your list for the adult male because my hubby is extremely difficult to buy for!!! I can't put a list for him up bc either I bought it for him or its too expensive. Example? He wants something like this. Seriously, what do you guys buy for your spouse/significant other?

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Goldfish Minis. Literally

Aside from meal time, my seven month old twins Wyatt & Grayson don't get a ton of one on one time. They aren't sitting up or crawling yet so baby playtime mostly consists of fussy bouts of tummy time. Then I remembered Goldfish Swim School where my 3 & 5 year old take weekly swim lessons. Goldfish has Parent/Tot classes for babies as young as four months.  I recruited my friend Allison & we took the circus that is two babies, to a Sunday class. 
Wyatt is the baby crying in the pics but he actually loved swimming the most. The minute his chubby legs hit the water they started kicking away and never stopped. He was just fussy when he saw me get out of the pool to take pics. 
The goals of the Parent/Tot Classes include comfort in the water with optional underwater dips, conditioning to water on the face, tolerating tummy time. We even practiced skills my big kids do, like floating on their backs (assisted) and Superman Glides from parent to teacher.
I found these little Target pineapple swim trunks at Goodwill for $2! Woot Woot!! Target donates a ton of it's left over seasonal things to Goodwill, so def check it out!!  I love the idea of the boys becoming comfortable in the water at such an early age.  Did you know that learning to swim at an early age reduces the chances of children developing fears? This in itself offers a life saving skill! Added bonus? The much needed one on one time with my twins. They are baby 3 and 4 so they don't get as much parent interaction as my older two. It's a race for survival at our house. With a scheduled swim lessons I'd have a slot to look forward to every week to bond with my guys!!! That's the most rewarding part for me!! Plus the water feels like a warm hot tub! Woot Woot!!!
This post is in partnership with Goldfish Swim School. 

Thursday, November 10, 2016

October Photo Dump

The end of October, beginning of November was a doozy at our house. Wesley came down with his first ever ache. That sparked a domino effect, ending with Wyatt and Grayson both getting croup a week apart. 3 urgent care visits, 2 doctors appoints, 6month shots and MANY nites of little to no sleep this mama of four is ready for a break. I should probably just be gearing up for the next bout of sickness , with  both Mia & Wes in school the germs are rampant. All the sickness prompted me to finally splurge and buy the Doterra Family Essentials kit. I've been eyeballing it for years, all the way back to this post!!  All the kiddos now have diffusers and we've been using Lavender, OnGuard, Lemon & Breathe pretty much everyday!!!!
We did manage to squeeze some fun things in. Mia got to go to my Aunt Dawn's house for a hay ride, pumpkin picking and treats, while the sick boys stayed with dad.  Then came trick or treat. We usually do one night of trunk or treat out in the community and then trick or treat around our neighborhood on Halloween. This year Mia wanted to be Jasmine and wore her costume to Trunk or Treat. She ended up hating the Jasmine wig (I think it was too small) so we decided on Sleeping Beauty  for Trick or Treating. Then she ended up getting in trouble and not walking around the neighborhood, It was hardly punishment since she got to stay home with the King of Halloween passing out candy & scaring our neighbors with the giant, mechanical jumping spider. Wyatt wore the Fox costume Wesley wore when he was a babe. I was able to find a second fox on a FB selling wall. Since their birthdays are only 6 days apart all of Wes' baby things fit the twins, which is so fun for this mama heart of mine!!!
The first weekend in November last year was shorts wearing warm and this year was just the same. We spent a fun Friday nite exploring Homestead park on the west side. Take your camera for the beautiful wild flower field but wear your running shoes if you have small, non listening toddlers!!!! It's extremely difficult to keep little ones contained in any one area and with a big pond nearby its eyes on every second!!!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Three out of Four Ain't Bad

Three out of four kiddos enjoyed a beautiful afternoon at Pigeon Roost. The fourth did everything he could to try and ruin mom and dad's nite. Wesley David is in angry threenager mode for sure. Every time we told him no or asked him to do anything it was full on melt down. He scowled and glared in every picture I took. Traditions march on and Wyatt & Grayson checked off their first visit to the pumpkin patch. I wish I was able to snap more pics of them but trying to keep everyone together & alive took priority. Hoping they will be sitting up soon for optimal picture taking. Right now it goes like, prop both twins, snap blurry photo, catch falling twin, re-prop, snap snap, spit up, other twin falls over. That scenario could actually  be used to describe life right now!!!
Pigeon Roost 2012
Pigeon Roost 2013
Pigeon Roost 2014
Pigeon Roost 2015
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