Sunday, April 10, 2016

Three Weeks of Babies

I thought about putting three weeks already but honestly time blends together and the days are slow when you sit in bed and feed babies alllll day long. Every three hours like clock work. Pump, feed, burp, change, try and nap in between, 24 hours at a time. Lots of leftover Easter candy and HG TV is keeping us going! That and our friends and family keeping us overly fed and helping with the big terrorists kids.
Wyatt seems to be the needier babe, while Grayson is more laid back. Gray's favorite thing is to take a big mouthful of milk and just let it fall out of his mouth. I told Damon I wish someone would feed me pizza and I could just let it drip out of my mouth. That's the life. The nites are long and usually I can't remember exactly how many times I was up to put a binky in or who I held in the rocker for an hour to get them to sleep. 

Monday, April 4, 2016

Meeting the Twins

I can't believe I made it to my scheduled c-section date. The babies were breech and traverse early on and just never moved.  Around 35 weeks I began having contractions that were about 6-8 minutes apart anytime I was up moving around.  I couldn't sleep at all and moved to the couch to find some relief. Most nites around 3am you could find me on the couch eating honey crisp apples and beef jerky. The babies were measuring around 7lbs each and i kept asking people, "does it really look like I have 14lbs of baby in here?" Apparently it did because Wyatt (Baby A) weighed 7lbs 1 oz and Grayson (Baby B) weighed 6lbs 10oz.  I stopped working completely the Wednesday before my surgery. Sunday was my birthday and I needed to head to Riverside to get some blood work done. I'd had a pain in my leg that I was worried about, so I stayed a few hours to make sure it wasn't a blood clot. It kind of ruined plans for my birthday brunch but it was worth the piece of mind. 

Monday morning we said goodbye to the big kids and headed to the hospital around 10am. It's a totally different experience not to be screaming, puking or cursing, but rather driving calmly! lol This is prob going to sound weird but I actually enjoyed the c-section experience. It was relatively painless and easy compared to my other births. The worst part is of course the spinal block. It feels like two giant wasp stings as they numb your back.The recovery has been harder only bc I'm so limited in what I can do for the big kids. It's almost been two weeks and I am feeling 90% myself. Our hospital stay at Riverside was perfect, the nurse were amazing. We stayed a full 4 days and pretended we were on a cruise, ordering room service and watching HG TV! I nursed all day long and then sent the twins to the nursery usually from about 1am-6am. It was our newborn bliss bubble, before coming home to the chaos of two little, bigs whose world was about to be rocked. It's been a beautiful chaos navigating life as a family of 6. I only hope we can slow it down and savor because I KNOW the first year will absolutely fly! Please time, be kind.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Trying Some New Products with the Twins

1. 4moms mamaRoo baby swing
I'm super interested to see if the babies like the mamaRoo as I've heard a lot of mixed reviews. Some seem to love ot and its a must have while others didn't care for it. Lucky for me a girlfriend offered to let me borrow hers as the price point is substantial. We also have a fisher price swing that MIa lived in 8 hours/day. It was the only thing that stopped her incessant crying. Wes was totally content just being held & snuggled  so he never really used a swing.

2. June and January Knits
Around Christmas time June and January had an AMAZING sale on there simple cotton knits. I got 4 blankets & 6 hats $5/each) for the twins plus this adorable swing dress for Mia. The marigold color is a little orangier than I thought it would be. Kind of wished I'd gotten this beautiful blue. Maybe this Christmas.

3. Milk Snob Multi-use Cover
With twins being kind of a novelty everyone and their brother is going to want to stick their heads in the car seats and blow germs all over my baby! I've been so lucky to get far in my pregnancy but they will still come early and may have slightly compromised immune systems! Can't wait to keep them cozy and out of germs way with these covers. You can also use it as a nursing cover & grocery seat cover. I'll keep you posted!

4. The Ollie Swaddle
I might be most excited about trying these swaddles with the boys. Anything so mom & dad can sleep!! The reviews are amazing!! Stay tuned! We used the Miracle Blanket with Mia , which at the time was an integral part of her night time routine! That being said she didn't sleep through the nite until ten months so we shall see. I only have one swaddle per babe so if they rock I'm hoping to get a few more. If you know anyone who might be selling theirs, hit a mama up!!!!
5. Solly Baby Wrap Carrier
 I've always been intimidated by wraps but after seeing so many mama's raving about the Solly I had to order!! I've already watched this tutorial a few times.I know one of the goals of a wrap is to help mama be hands free but I'm imagining with twins I'll never be hands free again. With Wes I used a Becco Butterfly II once he was a little bigger. Damon wore him in it too so hopefully we will be doing more baby wearing just out of necessity!

6.Freshly Picked Moccasins
Both of my kiddos were super late walkers so I was that mom , the one who never had shoes on them?  Whats the point I figured? They are so bulky they don't look like they would be comfy to crawl in plus don't stay on anyway. Now I'm realizing I missed the boat and should have gotten them FP moccs sooner. Mia got her 1st pair at two and loved the crap out of them. This time we are using them before the babies start walking so no one can say my babies don't have shoes!!!

7. City Mini Double Baby Jogger
The double stroller we have know is so heavy and clunky I literally NEVER use it. I really wanted to get something that would be easy to because with the twins a good double is an absolute must have. So I researched and put this super expensive stroller on our registry. Not really thinking we'd get but my amazing friends splurged and totally spoiled us. Supposedly this stroller is the bomb, being super light. fitting thru doorways and just easy to use!!! The only down side is I did not buy the car seat extension so I won't be using it until they are bigger. In the mean time I got a used Baby Trend Snap n Go that another twin mom told me was a life saver for getting out and about w two car seats!!!

So in a few days we will strat trying some of these out and I will hopefully do a follow up post as to what becomes a must have or not!! Wish us LUCK!!!!!!
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