Saturday, October 22, 2016

Three out of Four Ain't Bad

Three out of four kiddos enjoyed a beautiful afternoon at Pigeon Roost. The fourth did everything he could to try and ruin mom and dad's nite. Wesley David is in angry threenager mode for sure. Every time we told him no or asked him to do anything it was full on melt down. He scowled and glared in every picture I took. Traditions march on and Wyatt & Grayson checked off their first visit to the pumpkin patch. I wish I was able to snap more pics of them but trying to keep everyone together & alive took priority. Hoping they will be sitting up soon for optimal picture taking. Right now it goes like, prop both twins, snap blurry photo, catch falling twin, re-prop, snap snap, spit up, other twin falls over. That scenario could actually  be used to describe life right now!!!
Pigeon Roost 2012
Pigeon Roost 2013
Pigeon Roost 2014
Pigeon Roost 2015

Monday, October 10, 2016

Just Keep Swimming

Tonite I went to Target because I'm soooo tired of stumbling around in the dark for binkies at 3am.  So I bought like 20!!! I ended up with a cart full of play dough, nail polish and a pumpkin spice frappachino because, PUMPKIN!!!!!!! Our experience with Goldfish Swim School has been similar. I went in thinking YAH, the kids will learn to be comfortable around the water and possibly, to swim. They've gotten that and so much more. Water safety and awareness, overall self confidence and an increased ability to listen and follow instructions! Honestly my expectations were low because Mia and Wes were both so so timid. They hated getting splashed in the face even just in the bath. Here we are a few months later and Mia swam for the first time on Friday! My heart literally exploded.
Learning to swim is just one piece of what we've gotten from Goldfish. Mia's confidence has completely sky rocketed. It's amazing to see her float face down underwater for 30 seconds fearlessly when two month ago she didn't even want her hair rinsed in the tub. CRAY!!! She's always been awkward and uncomfortable trying new physical things. Now she wants to climb trees & roller skate. She walked into Kindergarten with out a backward glance and now she's reading!!
It's been super comforting watching them learn about water safety. Learning to flip and float on their backs. Watching Wes scoot to the edge and use all his strength to pull himself out of the water. He couldn't do it at first but every lesson he tried again until he finally got it. These are things I never would have thought to teach them that have made such a difference!
All that to say, Thank You Goldfish, for filling our carts with waaay more than we ever expected. We can't wait for next week!!!
This post is in partnership with Goldfish Swim School.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Lynds and The Twins 2.0

Here we are a year later. A year out from the ultra sound that completely changed the course of our lives. Celebrating daddy's birthday, creating our traditions as a family of six. Maybe we only spent 15 minutes picking apples and posing for pics so we could hurry to the Lynd's store for fry pies (they were out:( and pumpkin rolls. Sure the kids didn't cooperate and Damon's totally over having his picture taken. This is us. Happy, healthy, loving and making memories. Welcome to the family Wyatt and Grayson, you complete us!!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Wyatt & Grayson: 6 Months

Grayson had a visit to the doctor two weeks ago and weighed 15.8lbs. He has always been the smaller twin but with those giant, drooping cheeks he looks like may have over taken Wyatt. He's  totally become the needy twin. Always waking first, and fussing at nap time. He cracks up when you pretend to drop him or sing skid a ma rink.
They are both wearing 6-9 month clothes, size 3 diapers, eating 4-6 ozs every three hours. They still love when you sing the Itsy Bitsy Spider & have the best open mouth smiles. thy slept at Grandma & Grandpa's house for the very first time last nite while we went out to celebrate Damon's birthday.
Wyatt has become the content baby and was the first to roll over. Now at bedtime he's struggling because he rolls to his belly and gets stuck. 
I love calling them the twins but I try not too because I want to foster their individual identities. #Weirdthingsyouhavetoworryaboutwithidenticaltwins. Along the same lines, I always put Wyatt in the red car seat & Gray in the orange.  The pediatrician says six month is a sweet spot for starting babies on solids but the thought of the GIANT mess they are going to be makes me want to wait a few months:/
Thanks to my Sis-in Law Carrie for running around with us this weekend and snapping these pics!!!!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Tecumseh Land Trust

 Sunday adventures called for our first trip to see the sunflowers just outside of Yellow Springs. We were probably about a week late. Shocking, I know. They flowers were starting to sag and shrivel. I'm sure the storm last night didn't help. We still had a blast racing around the fields. My kids didn't even freak over the friendly pollinators that were on every flower. That is truly a miracle in itself, as yesterday while I was upstairs feeding the baby Wes ran into the house screaming that scream a mom recognizes as the "something is wrong,  call the ambulance scream." I raced down stairs, heart pounding expecting to find a compound fracture and instead Wes said, "We saw a stink bug." Are you freaking kidding me? They were seriously both in hysterics. SOOOOO the fact we made it through this day with no tears? Amazing!
Five minutes up the road from the sunflowers is Young's Dairy Farm aka toddler/little kid UTOPIA!! We are talking petting zoo, giant slides, tractors, unlimited bucket train rides, ice cream. There's even a giant corn kernel bin to play in. We had lunch at the restaurant and my veggie omelette was delish!!! 

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Sweet Corn Festival

Usually we go to the Sweet Corn Festival and sweat our butts off in 100 degree heat. Holy lucky, this year it was cool enough we had to buy Wes a long sleeve shirt while we were there. The most perfect nite with the most beautiful sky!! My mom watched the babies bc the grounds are gravel and super hilly. We were much less focused on corn (I mean seriously Damon only ate 3 pieces!) this year. My priorities were doughnuts, the kids (esp Mia) only had eyes for the rides. She ran like a maniac from one ride to the next. I took her on the Ferris Wheel for the first time and she made herself hoarse screaming " this is the best day of my life!!!" Wes was more timid with the rides so he did the dizzy dogs & the carousel with daddy. And yes that is a leash I put on my child. NO shame in my momming game after watching him sprint Olympic style away from me at the Columbus Commons, I'm over it. Leash life FOREVS!!!!!
Ohhh the pumpkin mini doughnuts with sugar. I'll be dreaming about you until next year!!!
Sweet Corn Festival 2014
Sweet Corn Festival 2012
Sweet Corn Festival 2011
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