Saturday, December 20, 2014

Last Minute Christmas List

I had the opportunity to take over the @LiveColumbus IG account this week. I shared some of my favorite gifts & stocking stuffers. I know it's super last minute but if your out this weekend you might want to grab a few of these.
1. 3KidsKitchen Caramels from Celebrate Local at Easton. The most delicious stocking stuffer ever. Anyone I've ever given these too has wanted to be my best friend & begged for more!!!! 2. Another great stocking stuffer? This initial mug from Urban Home & Garden at Polaris. 

3. How about a gift card to join us at Thai Tuesday? Thai Grille in Westerville is our fav. This is the salmon coconut curry. Sooo tasty. I also love the shrimp pad thai. I had a peach cinnamon hot to that was AMAZING. I didn't even add my usual milk & sweeter the flavor was perfect. Check em out at College ave., Westerville. 4. Francesca's. Always one of my favorites places for trendy affordable pieces. This buffalo plaid coat with the perfect  amount of furry goodness is PERFECT!!!! Of course I'd been striking out here then last few months. Go in to shop for other people? I find like 30 things i WANT!!!!! 
5. Most of you know I've worked in senior care of the last 10 years. I love it! This is my friend LT. He's a 91-year-old veteran who flew B17s during World War II. LT is thrilled to be part of the ‪#‎HonorFlightNetwork‬. Honor Flight is a program dedicated to getting veterans to Washington DC to see their World War II Memorial. What better gift to give a grandparent? Get them involved or make a donation in their name. The Honor Flight program was born right here in Ohio. Check them out at 6. The greatest gift we can give our kids is time & patience. I 've been struggling with the last one this week. It's hard not to explode when i have to tell my 3 year old to put her undies on 30xs. This week I'm going to try super hard not to raise my voice. To let them splash in an extra long bath. To read a bonus book before bed. It's Christmas after all.  
7. Need some boots? I looked everywhere & finally scored at the Nordstrom Rack on Sawmill. two pairs for $115. 8. How perfect is this Dear Stress print?  I need a daily reminder to chill! You can never have too many owls! Both of these are at Simply Vague,  Polaris. Happy last minute shopping. xoxo

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

Yesterday was my dad's birthday. We celebrated with lunch at Carrabba's & then hanging with these two. They totally make  our family's world go round. Mia invited Pop Pop to come watch her first holiday program. She nailed it!!! He said it was the best present ever. Happy, Happy, Merry Christmas everyone!!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Our Weekend in Photos

We went to story time on Saturday morning & despite the rain Wesley felt like a GQ photoshoot. So dapper. Mia decide to dress herself in a leopard top & clashing floral leggings. Hence no pictures:) You may not see her on the blog for a while now that she's choosing her own clothes out!!!! She may not need me to dress her, but man does she want to be in my arms every second. I can't turn around with out tripping over her. Hold me, mama!!! Sometimes it drives me crazy. Mostly I love it. 
We hung more ornaments on our GINORMOUS tree. It's so big it may take all month to decorate. I'm okay with that. We listen to Pandora holiday stations while haphazardly climbing a ladder to hang our favorite memories. The holiday season can stick around forever as far as I'm concerned. This afternoon we made it to our friend Marina's 4th bday. The party was a craft class at JoAnn's. We painted a little jewelry box, ate cupcakes & had a blast.  Wes wore his Chucks for the first time & was a total angel. Mia also discovered the Disney Jr. website this weekend. It's her new obsession, along with never-ending Octonauts episodes. 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Carpe Diem All the Fuzzy Coats

A few years ago I probably wouldn't have had the courage to buy this sweet coat. Now I'm Carpe Dieming the the crap out of the fuzzy pink coats. And pretty much anything else I feel the urge to wear. Bright red lip? Yes please. Leather leggings with a Christmas sweater? Coming soon!! 
Tony & I explored the brown stones around downtown Bexley & couldn't resist stopping at Jeni's.  Two scoops please, Lavender & Almond Butter Brittle. Carpe Diem!!!
Coat: F21 Turtleneck: Old Navy $10 Jeans: Madewell Heels: Sam Edelman via Nordstrom Bag Earrings: Express Madewell Transport Tote Lips: Nars Niagra

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Recent Insta Love

1. Short sweaters for layering are my fav!!!! 2. Finally made it to Katalina's for Nutella filled Pancake Balls. Cutest place ever!! 3. Toddler Sunday lunch. 4. November snow storm. 5. My husband has been shopping for Christmas decor without me. #iloveit 6. Rusty Bucket date nite for a Key Lime Martini 7. Tis the Season 8. Some stuck in the airport for 8 hours reading. 9. Mia was one of the only kids who put mom & dad. #solucky 10. How I feel on a daily basis.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Tips for Traveling w Children of the Corn

I  mean toddlers...Bahahaha. As excited as I was to see our family for the holiday, thoughts of last years 7.5 hour car ride from Hell danced like evil sugar plums in my brain!!! After that trip I swore I was flying to New York while Damon drove the kids. Meet ya there honey. I also swore we would be having no  more children. This one may still be true, it's yet to be determined.  This year's drive?? A piece of cake. We cut an 1.5 off our time & I had no thought of jumping from the moving vehicle!!!  I'm sure it helps that the kids are older but here are a few tips we use to make traveling with toddlers easier.
1. If your traveling for the Holidays more than likely its going to be chilly. FOOTY PJS for the win. You don't want to have to keep turning around to cover the baby's feet after he's pulled his shoes & socks off for the 20 time!!! Even though Mia is potty trained we put a pull up on her so we don't have to stop every 2 hours. Wes got a 12 hr night time diaper.We only stopped once each way & ROCKED!!!
2. Before you head out stop by the library!!!! We splurged & got head rest DVD players for this trip. I made sure to borrow videos they hadn't seen. Make sure you get 5+ videos as a few are guaranteed to be scratched & not work. I also got both kids several books. We are now the proud owners of a numbers touch & feel that Wesley ripped the binding off.
3. Get new apps for your phone or tablet.  I got The Joy of Reading & a Monkey Preschool Lunchbox collection. They are AMAZING!!! I especially loved TJOR. Super educational & easy for her to navigate without us having to help her every second.  I brought books, crayons, memory games but let's be honest people. It's the electronics that saved us on this trip!!!!!
4. Coming into the 6th hour eyes are bleary, tempers starting to boil I usually pull out the snacks!! Stuff they don't usually get at home. Yogurt pretzels, gold fish cracker, mini Reese Cups. It's okay because we'll be out of the car soon, right???
5. Make sure you get a suite when staying in a hotel. Having two rooms will save your sanity I promise. We were able to keep the kids on their nap schedule &  super early 7pm bedtime routine. While they were napping we could party, drink & do push ups watch reruns of Tanked & nap on the couch. We made the mistake of having one room when Mia was tiny & spent the majority of our trip using sign language & reading TV subtitles while trying not to wake the baby.
6. We bring the pack n play for Wes & Mia sleeps in her own bed. She still has a toddler railing so I was concerned about her falling out of bed. I just stuffed an extra pillow under the fitted sheet. Problem solved.
7. Have a few family friendly activities planned.  Wrangling the kids in hotels & non baby proofed homes makes for REALLY long days. Scout out the area & plan some fun activities. We visit the most amazing childrens museum each year. grandma, aunts, uncles & cousins all come & have a great day. We also pre-planned a cookie decorating evening. 
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