Thursday, July 21, 2016

Pool Day

We crossed off another Summer Bucket List item with our play date at the Hilliard pool this week!! Neither of my kiddos has much water experience and Wes especially is very timid. We love this pool bc it has this huge play area that is only about a 2 feet deep. No deeper then you see in these pics!!  It even has two little water slides. Mia loved them, Wes wasn't having it. It was a little more challenging this summer bc Mia wants to float in the lazy river (with her puddle jumper) but Wes was terrified. Luckily my friend Meredith took the girls and I hung w little boy. Sometimes the mamas don't even get to talk on playdates #momlife. As chance would have it Goldfish Swim School reached out this week and I'm so pumped to be working with them. Both kids are going to get some swim lessons and I can't wait to see them waaaaay more confident in the water!! NO more crying when they get the tiniest drop of water on their faces:/

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Raised Garden for the Bigs

The kiddos have been ecstatic to see the seeds they planted last week at the Fountainside sprout!! Damon loves gardening and  has been wanting to do a giant garden out back but caring for he twins threw a wrench in his plans. So this weekend he threw together a raised garden out of some scrap wood and an old table he ripped the top off. He bought paints for the kids to decorate with and helped them transplant their beloved seeds into the soil. I know nothing about gardening and have the blackest thumb ever. I'm so glad the kids will have green thumbs all thanks daddy.  I love that as parents we each have different skills and hobbies to pass on to our babies. It's exciting to see them have a passion for things that we love too!!
Holy toddler smiles!!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Wyatt and Grayson: 3 Months

This month Grayson (L) has definitely caught w Wyatt weight wise and this has made them look even more identical. Sad to say we really can't tell them apart. On any given day they will trade the trait I thought was specific to that twinkie. Wyatt was the fussy one, now its Grayson. Wyatt will wake up first 7xs but on the 8th timeits Gray. A definite mind trip when you  have it in our head for an hour you're holding one twin and your husband says, no that's the other twin.
Sleep: Nite time sleep is still really good. Usually 5-6 hours stretches between 11p-5a.  I attribute their good sleep to swaddling. Gray uses the Ollie swaddle and Wyatt uses the Love To Dream sack. I splurged and ordered these after using one I found at Once Upon a Child.  We are struggling to set a nap time schedule but when they are home with me I usually get them to lay down in the afternoon when the big kids are sleeping. Unfortunately it's rare for all 4 to take a good nap, but I usually get 3 out of 4. 
Weight: over 12 lbs Wearing: 3-6 month cloths and barely squeezing in to size 1 diapers  

Eating: Thanks to lots of pumping we are back to mostly breast milk bottles during the day and two formula bottles at 7p and 10p. We use Enfamil currently.  It blows my mind we've been able to keep them on the exact same feeding schedule for 3 months. Since we switched to bottles they've eaten every meal at the same time except twice. Both times Wyatt woke early and I let Grayson sleep until the next feeding.

Work: I finally made it back 3 days a week and I love it. Besides the pumping in random parking lots, I love being out and about in the sunshine.
Tons of open mouth smiles and cooing!! Mia especially loves to be silly and make them smile. Just tonite Wes was jumping around and got Wyatt to give his first ever belly laugh!!!I can't wait for a million more!!
I feel like we are finally finding our groove as a family of six. It involves A LOT of divide and conquer. Damon will do the 7pm feeding with the twins while I bath the bigs and get them ready for bed. Or I will take the twins in the double stroller for a walk while daddy takes Mia and Wes for a ride in the Wee-Hoo. My mom is watching the twins one morning/week so that I can start crossing a few things off our Summer Bucket List.
Happy 3 month birthday to my squishies!! Mama loves your faces off!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Fountainside w the Bigs

Oh Cbus you were so good to us today. My friend Allie and I took the big kids to Fountainside at Bicentennial Park this morning. Certain Wednesdays (link here) during the Summer they host a slew of kid friendly sponsors starting at 11:30. There was gardening with Lowes, petting snakes, the Crew was there with a soccer activity. Not to mention Bicentennial park has tons of mature trees shading the grassy areas. Perfect for a picnic or to grab a slice of pizza from the Donatos truck!!! The toddlers ran laps on the bridge while the big kids grumped about posing for pics. Wesley bolted away from me at least twice to the point I had to hold my hat on and sprint after him. I seriously need to get on Amazon and order a leash. Thank goodness my mom was watching the twins. 
Then there were free fudgsicles. Wesley never bit his so it just dripped allllll over him as he slowly took his 100th lick. Lowes sponsored a gardening station, which Mia said was her favorite part of the whole day. She brought home watermelon and pea seeds.  Wes planted cucumbers. Hopefully the will sprout and we can transplant them to the garden. Loved having a special day with just my bigs. P.S How adorable are Wes and Rory???

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Finding My Mama Groove

I officially made it back to work this week. 3 days working and two days home. I'll let you guess which one is harder. A clue? It's lucky they are cute. Is it weird I was more anxious about staying home with the kids than heading back to work? Speaking of anxiety I only have 3 more days of prednisone, just one pill/day and I'm totally feeling more myself. My anxiety is lessening and I'm not sweating like Chris Farley in Tommy Boy.  My goal tonite is too let Damon go to bed early and I'll take the 10pm feeding and put the babies to bed to give him a break. He's literally done it every nite since the babies were tiny. Other goals, lose15lbs which involves not eating Jeni's ice cream by the pint and figuring out fun Summer activities that I'm brave enough to take all four kids to. I told my friend Stacie at Little Adventures Await I'll be texting her all Summer. She always has fun ideas for local Columbus families!!!
Wesley's face capture's the THREENAGE attitude he has 75% of the day. It's really fun!  

Saturday, June 11, 2016

11 Weeks

Just because they are so incredibly beautiful. And overwhelming, amazing, sleepy, hungry, growing and adored. Grayson in the smiley face romper, Wyatt actually smiling <3 10="" 3="" br="" weeks="">

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Sunday Morning Adventures

Damon's been waiting for years to take our kids fishing! He's had Mia's pole since she was tiny. This morning we loaded up (all 6 of us!!!) and headed to Chestnut Ridge Metro park with a can of corn and hope the babies would cooperate while the bigs got to fish. THEY DID IT. Both kiddos caught their VERY FIRST FISH! Love seeing all three of them so happy.
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