Friday, July 31, 2015

She & He

Has been wearing a princess dress everyday.
Is very interested in learning to read.
Took swimming lessons for 2 weeks this Summer. Thanks to her Aunt Alli for taking her!!
Was singing All About That Bass in this first picture.
Loves to "help" put the peanut butter on his waffle.
Is a mocking bird and repeats every naughty thing we say.
His current favorites are "Shut your mouth & shitty diaper."
Is TOTALLY obsessed w Daddy's tractor. We have to visit once a day or suffer thru a serious tantrum. 
When we were in the depths of rain every day for a million days I started having mommy guilt that we weren't crossing anything off our Summer Bucket List. Sooo I got the crazy idea to take the kids to the zoo by myself. What the He%% was I thinking? Pushing the double stroller up the tiny zoo incline was equivalent to pushing it up the hills of San Francisco. BRUTAL. The cherry on top of this irritable sweaty sundae was the fact the kids didn't give a crap about the animals. My dream of seeing the polar bears swim finally came. I shrieked as he swam right by us, "Look guys, the polar bear is SWIMMING.  Cue excited animal lovers??? No way. Mia's response was to barely even look and whine, " I want to play on the playground." This pretty much guaranteed they will never be going to the zoo again.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Summer Loving So Far

Everyone who lives in Ohio will tell you we have barely seen the sun in almost two months. It has rained almost every single day this Summer. Literally. Lucky for us the Fourth of July was PERFECT!!!! I never did much to celebrate the 4th but my kids are crazy for the parades. Their excitement is contagious so now its become one of the best days.  Daddy is usually working so we get to sneak a few hugs and kisses, my favorite part. I love how excited my kids get for the parades! We city hopped and did a parade in the morning and then Pickerington in the evening! 
Another of our favorite days was last Saturday. Brooks, Rory & Allison came for a slip n slide play date. The babies toddled around in the little pool while the big kids went crazy slipping and sliding like pros.  Look at Wes trying to sneak in a little hug on Rory<3 p="">

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Blowout Bar, Try IT!!!!

This week has been brutal. Work has been crummy, its been raining for three weeks & Wes has turned into a devil child.The bright side? I got to visit The Blowout Bar for the first time!!!! Friend them on FB & IG!! When they are training new stylists they may offer a limited number of free blowouts! I was lucky enough to nab one! In keeping with my crummy week I was 15 minutes late for my 30 min appointment. Instead of guilting me, my sweet stylist Jess whipped up this adorable fishtail braid for me. Even though this outfit is super casual, I felt cute & put together w my special hair do! Thank you, Thank you to The Blowout Bar for being a ray of sunshine to an otherwise gray week! I can't wait to come back for a Flirtini!!
Shirt: Banana Republic via DFW Shorts: American Eagle Thrifted Shoes: Clothes Mentor Bag: Kate Spade via Clothes Mentor

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Thrifiting w @MaudieLloyd

Maudie & I met through ig & the #columbusblogggers. You can check out her awesome fashion blog here. This girl is fashion forward & totally adorable. She values high end, classic pieces but loves to add everyday, thrifty finds to her wardrobe. Since she comes from Cali originally she reached out and asked if I could show her some the best thrift stores in Columbus! I said yahoooo, let's go!!!
We started out at the Volunteers of America, 1824 W. Henderson Rd. This is a regular for me. The fact that I go here so often is probably why I like it so much. Being familiar with the layout of the store helps me dig for treasures faster. If I know I'm looking for flare leg denim, I can skip right to women's better denim. This allows me to spend time hunting for exactly what I want.

Tip #1. Thrift Often. I recommend hitting the same store/s at least once a week. This allows you to build familiarity with  the layout AND the staff. People will tell me they never find anything thrifting and in the same breath say they only go once very 6 months. NOT going to cut it.
Next we went across the street to Ohio Thrift, 1881 W. Henderson Rd. This was only my 2nd time at this store but it is quickly becoming one of my favs. They have a HUGE inventory & they organize by size and color. YAH!!! I found a TON of light weight sweaters!

Tip #2. Shop in AND out of season. Don't be afraid to dig for sweaters, pants & winter boots in June. Thrifting has become so popular, everyone is there right now looking for a tanks, shorts & swimsuits. I am not saying don't look, just don't be disappointed if its picked though!! I love finding sweaters for Fall, tucking them & finding them on that first cool day!!!
Tip #3. Don't forget consignment. I know that's not a tip about thrifting but it's important. Thrifting is addicting because ONCE IN WHILE you will hit the jack pot.  Not every time to do you find a gem to really enhance to your wardrobe. If you have a special event/occasion coming up soon you may want to hit a consignment shop first. In Cbus we have several Clothes Mentor locations. I guarantee you will find something you can't leave without, typically from an upscale retsiler like JCREW, Limited, Free People, Nordstrom etc. Almost all of my FAVORITE purses are from Clothes Mentor, at DEEPLY discounted prices.
Now go to Maudie's blog to check out her thrifting tips & sweet style!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Creekside Adventures

I missed my babies all week, so I'm super stoked for the 3 day holiday weekend. Sadly this is one of the busiest work weekends for Damon & we won't get to see him much the next two days. This morning Allison & I took the kids to Creekside in Gahanna. We ate macaroons & cupcakes (vegan for Mia) before lunch, ran through the woods & dipped our toes in the creek. We saw the giant swan, ducks, turtles & frogs. The babies stopped to admire all the tiny bugs & tried to keep up with the big kids. I just tried to keep Wes alive. I had to run the 400 meter dash several times to keep him out of the water or from running down the path in the opposite direction. You know, the joys of taking a two year old out of the house! Another Creekside adventure here. Our treats are from here.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

In Summer

Our first pool day of the Summer + it was SO Fun. We met our friends at the Hilliard Family Aquatic  Center. SO SO fun for toddlers. I definitely recommend making the trip! It was $18 for all three of us (Cash Only)! There are 3 easy water slides Mia navigated totally by herself. Wesley went down with me standing on the side holding his hand. Also, a lazy river that the big girls LOVED!! They wore their puddle jumpers and totally felt like they were swimming independently since the current pushed them around. Wesley was  hesitant in the water at first. He kept rubbing his eyes, either from sensitivity or sun block. I put a ball cap on him and that immediately helped. After that he ran like a maniac splashing & sneaking in with his shoes on during rest period! This was our first time using Honest sunblock + it seemed to work really well. I found it at Costco if your looking. Mia & her bestie Marina were SUPER excited to be reunited. I don't think they had seen each since school let out. This first pic cracks me up. The best I could get with my crazies!!
A pool day from last year here.
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