Saturday, February 6, 2016

From Winter to Spring with PinkBlush Maternity

During my first trimester I won a gift card to PinkBlush Maternity from an IG giveaway. Since then I've been ordering non stop from their site. I literally wear their fleece lined leggings every day, no joke. Because when you're giant, twin pregnant, comfy leggings are ESSENTIAL.  The best part about them? I know they will be a staple in my post partum wardrobe too!!  So when PinkBlush reached out to collab it was perfect. I was already addicted. I knew I wanted to get another of their super soft,  flattering to the bump, maxi dresses. I wore this one at 19 weeks and actually thought my belly was big. Fast forward to today at 31 weeks. Holy big belly!!!!
This dress comes in a ton of colors, but I went for mauve since Valentines day is right around the corner. Ohio weather has been so crazy it might be 25 degrees on V-Day or 60 degrees, it's a total crap shoot. Simple maxis are so easy to accessorize, I thought I would show how you can easily transition this piece from a mild winter to early spring just by changing up your accessories.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

30 Weeks & a Baby Shower

I'm officially 30 weeks and feeling every bit of 40! My hormones are officially raging, based on the fact I showed the kids the video for "Time of my Life" and bawled when Johnny and Baby did the lift. Mia said, "That's a nice song, the lift is my favorite part!" Pretty sure I cried even harder. 
Some days I just want the babies to be here, and others I feel sad that this is my last pregnancy and overwhelmed at the thought of caring for two new babies.
This weekend was our baby shower and it helps take the edge off to know that we are surrounded by the very best family and friends anyone could have. I mean seriously , nobody acted like "dude this is the third shower, really?" Instead they spoiled us totally rotten and celebrated these baby boys like no other. We had a brunch at my parents with quiche and mimosas, which seems to be the norm. All our parties get planned around nap time times you know. Brunch seems to be the winner. Most of our decorations came from Target (duh), the twins balloons and striped table table cloth I ordered from Amazon. This is my 3rd baby shower wearing an outfit from Francesca's!! Total coincidence!! I loved these tops because they were flowy enough to hide 30 week twin poundage but didn't make me look as big as a house!

 How adorable is this "It Takes Two cross stitch from Aunt Brandi!!!!"

Thursday, January 14, 2016

28 Weeks w The Twins

Holy Crap. I'm 7 months pregnant with twins and we finally had our first snow. Wait.... annnnd I've already gained 30 lbs. STOP!!! LOL I'm finally entering the third trimester and it still seems so surreal to say out loud. Identical twin boys. CRAAAAZY. 
But I love it and I'm embracing every moment (except the 1st trimester, which can suck it.) I'm buying all the baby hats and wearing leggings & giant tunics everyday. Thank goodness for this adorable pink hat or I'd feel hideous. My biggest craving has been Honey Crisp apples. I literally ate three giant ones yesterday. I also had a girl yell across the hallway of a nursing home, "you look like you're ready to explode." Seriously, she said that to a total stranger!" I probably shouldn't have been so grumpy since its totally true.These Pink Blush maternity leggings are lined w fleece and totally AMAZING!!!   I scored these boots on clearance at Target last week for $30. After holiday clearance is my HEAVEN.  

Hat:JCREW Coat: Gap Factory Tunic: Old Navy Leggings: Pink Blush Maternity Boots: Target Lips: MAC Pickled Plum

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Wesley Crush 2.75 years

In the midst of a super sickie December for my boy, here are just a few things I want to remember! Or on some days, forget. LOL
You've started patting my belly and saying "Shhh, Shh, nite nite baby."
You loved Christmas this year, insisting on reading Twas the Night Before Christmas as your bed time story. You are still walking around muttering "dash away, dash away, dash away all." 
Planes trains and automobiles are your FAVORITE thing in the world. 
You're always racing around the house pushing your giant dump truck or using chairs and boxes to make big trains in the toy room.
You fight with Mia constantly. She invites you to a tea party and you Godzilla smash it down. She says she's your best friend and you say ' "No, poopy." 
Every once in a while you will walk up and give her an unexpected hug. 
Toy Story is the 1st movie you watched , pretty much all the way through. You love Buzz & Woody.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Morning

At 9pm on Christmas Eve Damon went to put the train table I ordered from Amazon together for the kids BIG gift. He discovered I'd gotten one that was unfinished. It needed painted/stained before being built. Well, you can prob guess that didn't happen.  We still had a magical morning, even though my Christmas jammies were too small. HAHA #pregnantladyproblems The kids slept until 7am which is technically sleeping in for them. We held them off until 8am w only minimal whining, mostly from my husband about me wanting to brush my hair! This first pic is them waiting to come down. Luckily Santa is the man and brought plenty of gifts the kids were crazy for. A Batman robot, Buzz Lightyear, a doll with beauty chair & hair salon accessories, nail polish & tons of art supplies. Wes loved wearing the Santa hat and walked around ho ho hoing. Every year it's the perfect morning and it goes too fast! My favorite part of these pics are the D & L ornaments Damon snuck on the tree a few days ago. Merry Christmas to the loves of my life, all almost 5 of you.

Monday, December 7, 2015

We Heart the Tree Farm

On Saturday we headed out to Timbuk Tree Farm. It was soooo foggy we weren't even sure they would be open. So happy we kept on because we got there and it wasn't craaazy busy for a Saturday morning. The kids could have even seen Santa with NO LINE, but the literally wouldn't get with in 10 feet of him or Mrs. Claus. Timbuk has school buses and an old caboose that drop and pick you up depending on the type of tree you want. We usually get Canaan, and the kids LOVE riding the buses!!! We got home and poor Wes spiked a fever. He was up all nite so we canceled our Sunday plans (a trip to IKEA for twin furniture) and stayed home all day. He was too sick to even help decorate the tree, poor baby. Mia melted our hearts with her enthusiasm for decorating this year. I'll remember her smile forever as she put her "special ornaments" on. My hubby is always pretty cute to be around this time of year too. He loves decorating and putting our "family ornaments" in prominent places on the tree.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Nasty November

I'm not usually one to wish time away but I can't say I'm sad to see November go this year. Despite a few cute, smiling pictures my kids literally turned into to devil children. It started with the time change and 5am wake up calls (damn you pitch black darkness at 5:30pm) and got worse from there. Wesley turned in to a tiny toddler a**hole complete with dumping bath water into our vents and flipping his high chair backwards from the table on purpose. Mia threw exorcist style tantrums, screaming "mommy is a disgusting poopy head" whenever she didn't get her way." The fits lasted an hour and usually resulted in tears from me. FYI for future children, Daddy should not have to put you in a figure  4 leg lock to get your pjs on. I will give November one prop and say Thanksgiving was the perfect day but other than that, Sayanora Nasty November.

 He looks real cute blowing kisses doesn't he. Don't be fooled.
Poor Laurel's looking at him, wondering if he is going to push her and take whatever toy she's playing with. And this one. So angelic until you tell her no she can't wear the dirty socks by the front door for the third day in a row. Cue head spinning, exorcist style melt down. Angel wings be damned.
Thanksgiving was wonderful and amazing. Hallelujah. Cue December 1st and my almost angels returned. No tantrums and 2.5 year old declarations of, "I not flipping my chair over ever again!"
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