Tuesday, July 29, 2014

What I'm Doing Now

Listening to: Tom Petty's XM show Buried Treasure. Breakdown was on & the first line totally made me think about social media. I was posting a selfie. I know people have a love /hate relationship with them. I almost didn't post it & then I heard,  It's all right if you love me, it's all right if you don't. Thanks for the reminder Tom:)   Super excited for the Gin Blossoms FREE concert at Columbus Commons on Thursday August 21st!!!!!!
Reading: Wonder - I haven't started it yet, but I'll keep you posted!.
Watching: Breaking Bad Season I. Thank you streaming Netflix. Yes, I'm very late to the party & I already googled how it ends. I always read the last page first, I can't stand the suspense.
Buying: Make Up from Ulta Lips: Lorac Flower Child, super matte stays on almost as well as Nars!! Also splurged on the Urban Decay Naked II palette once I realized I've had some of my current eye shadows for 15 years!!!!!
Craving: Have you been to Nothing Bundt Cake in Dublin? Super close to my fav Matt The Miller, you'll find the most delicious, moist bundts ever!!!  Every flavor I've tried is addicting. I can't even pick a favorite. Cinnamon, chocolate & lemon perhaps?? GO NOW!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Little Moments

1. Watching sissy dance 2. Wolverine 3. First sleepover. 4. Golden Hour walk. 5. National Ice Cream weekend 6. Run Wild 7. He says, " I see you," in his sing song, tiny boy voice. 8. The view at Jeni's ice cream. Because it's a national ice cream life. 9. Saturday morning ballet class. 10. Peapod Play Cafe 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Wesley Crush: 16 Month Update

This month was hard. We tried to have you share a room with Mia but it was a disaster. The 1st night you screamed all night unless i was holding you. Mia ended up in bed with daddy. I laid with you in her toddler bed totally squished until you finally fell asleep. I laid on the floor next to you & was pretty much up all nite. It was awesome.  That pretty much sums up the entire month. Lots of screaming shrieking & general mayhem from both you & your sister. It just may have solidified us as a family of four & no more.
You are officially cruising all around the house pushing buttons on the cable box, squishing your fingers in drawers & trying desperately to reach the front door knob. You are going to be our climbing baby. You've already tried to climb out of your crib, and actually fell totally out. Luckily you weren't hurt!!!!
 You've definitely gotten an attitude this month. Squirming away during diaper changes, screaming if we don't give you your food fast enough & swatting things away if you're annoyed. You say all kinds of cute things like naughty, sissy & ohhh no. You make us laugh everyday.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Easy Breezy

After last weeks cancelled date nite & a week filled w shrieking babies, we were beyond thrilled to get out last nite. Perhaps not the most energetic we've ever been, but thrilled none the less. Dinner  on the patio at Rusty Bucket & the new Transformers movie. I usually love Transformers but this was prob my least fav. It went on FOREVER. If you're excited about the dinobots prepare to wait since they don't show up until the last ten minutes. Nerd le sigh.
This is the dress I ordered during the 4th of July ASOS sale, my 1st ever ASOS purchase. It's like wearing a T-shirt. A short one. lol It shipped super fast, too. I think I got it in three days!!!
Dress: ASOS Hat: Thrifted Purse Coach: via Clothes Mentor Shoes: Francesca's old Lips: NARS Jungle Red

Disclaimer: No babies were hurt in the shooting of these photos. Oh wait, Wesley scratched his eye w a stick & fell out of his crib........

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Shutterfly Shout Out

I finally ordered our 2013 scrapbook from Shutterfly & I CAN NOT wait for that orange box to show up on my door step!!! I've mentioned before I used to be a hard core scrapbooker. I literally had thousands of dollars in scrap stuff EVERYWHERE. My office was always covered in half finished pages & glue stick gunk. Then my babies were born. NO time for 5 hour long messy scrap a thons. I discovered the Shutterfly customizable scrap templates & I officially became a digital scrapbooker. It's super easy, way affordable & totally addicting. Here are a few pages from our 2013 adventures.
The book is 12x12 (traditional scrapbook size) and has a scratch resistant hard cover. This year they offered lay flat pages which I'm totally stoked about. I used 299 pictures to create 102 pages. After all my discounts & free shipping it was $130. Barely more then $1 per page. CRAZY TOWN.  Facebook & Instagram have become our family scrapbooks. What happens 30 years from now when those social media outlets have changed? Print your pictures my friends!!!  Let me know if you want help. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Date Nite Canceled

It's Tuesday. My amazing parents offered to take the babies so Damon & I could go out. It's much needed since we had to move Wesley & Mia into the same room. Let's just say sleep at our house has not been what it once was.  Fast forward to today at 3pm. Nana is calling  I answer & hear Wesley SCREAMING. "You're baby has a fever." I told her from now on she needs to have him in the other room when she calls. Or text!!! I can't really complain about date nite being canceled considering this is the first time he's has ever been sick. In 16 months. EVER!!!! 

Pics from the past few days. Is it bad my baby says cheese already??

Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Little Sunday Shopping?

You know I'm not an online shopper, but I always see beautiful pieces on my favorite bloggers from ASOS & Zara. Welllllllll......ASOS is having a BIG sale so I pulled the trigger & bought something. Free Shipping here & back if it doesn't fit! Cross your fingers it does. Some of the stuff is dirt cheap!! My dress total was $32.76!!!!!  Happy shopping!

A few of my favs.........1. Here 2. Here 3. Here 4. Here 5. Here 6. Here
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