Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Being a Mama is the Best. Ever.

Wish all four of us could have been in these for a Christmas card shoot but Damon was out getting a new car. No complaining from me because we now have a car to fit all SIX of us. Yahoooooo. Sorry, I'm not sorry for santa hats and Christmas trees already. I'm overly excited for the holidays this year! Christmas jammies and tiny glittery ornaments are calling my name. My belly is so big at 19 weeks I better do all my Christmas shopping & decorating early because by the 25th I prob will be so big I can't move. Yikes. Can we say outie belly button already. These twinies are no joke!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Thoughts on Having Twins

My first thought was holy shit you're joking right? Followed by some hysterical half laughing, half sobbing.  As we talked about trying for a third baby the thought of twins never crossed my mind. Not for a single second. NO twins on either side of our families for a million years, that we know of. Because we were trying I knew around 5 weeks that I was pregnant. I sent a pic of the stick to my friend Allison & she said "wow, that positive line is really dark for being so early!!" Apparently my poor hormones were already raging out of control.
Because I had a blighted ovum miscarriage before I had Mia, I'm always super anxious for the first ultrasound. Anxious to see that tiny flicker of a heart beat. Usually the ob won't get you in until 8-10 weeks pregnant. The thought of waiting a month to know if it was a viable pregnancy seemed like forever. Then I heard about a clinic that was training new u/s techs, looking for women who were less than 8 weeks. I scheduled the appointment half nervous & half bummed because Damon couldn't get off work. He encouraged me to go anyway because he knew it would put my mind at ease. "Just text me as soon as you know everything is ok," he said! So at 6 weeks 2 days I went in for the ultra sound by myself.
The belly ultrasound showed one sac with no heartbeat. I started to panic. The 5 woman in the room all told me not to panic it was common this early. So on to the internal u/s. I can't exactly remember what the tech said but this is what I saw. Baby A & Baby B. The minute you see that heartbeat on the screen your life instantly changes. With unexpected twins it was like I lost control of my world for a second. I knew we wanted three but four was not in the plans. Future vacations, lack there of, diapers, formula and child care flashed in my mind for several weeks. I was excited even thrilled, but spinning with shock too.
Around 7.5 weeks the morning/ALL DAY sickness arrived. It was HORRIBLE.  I never threw up. I was just constantly nauseous. I couldn't move from the couch. I cried all day. I couldn't work past 1 pm. I finally went to the doctor and said SAVE ME!! 4 Diclegis and 2 Pepcid every day for the next 6 weeks and I survived the first trimester. Definitely the worst of all three pregnancies. Then I started my many, many appointments with the high risk doctors. Every 2 weeks I get to see my beautiful boys, I'm not sick anymore and not quite big enough to be uncomfortable. Every time I see them on the screen its mind blowing to think they are both in there, snuggling away. Literally, mind blown. Heart quadrupled.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Pumpkin Patching

Our Pigeon Roost trip was a success!!!  I needed that after the grumpiness of the apple orchard. Mia ran around like crazy with her friend Marina & tried to refuse any pictures. I got a few but holy smokes I was totally having contractions.  Wesley had no desire to do anything but ride the tractors and make tractor noises. Literally, we couldn't drag him away. When we did he would immediately make a beeline (giving me another contraction)!  We drank our pumpkins of apple cider but didn't take any pumpkins home bc it was kind of late and we were trying to stay relaxed and not rush. I think we are going to go back next week!! 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Lynds & The Twins

So these pictures are totally my favorite. As soon as we found out we were having twins I knew I wanted to do announcement pic at Lynds. It's our family tradition to go each year around Damon's birthday to pick apples. I thought welcoming the twins on one of our favorite days would be perfect. And it was in it's own imperfect way. Damon always hates having his picture taken, so rushing out the door to do so aftera stressful day at work is not ideal. Wesley and Mia couldn't hold still for the life of them. As demonstrated by the shot of me grabbing Wes by the back of his shirt as he tries to sprint away. But Damon showed up & the kids were beyond excited. Mia thinks we should name the babies Robert & Steve if they're boys which made Damon & I cry laughing. I can't even imagine the chaos next years pic will be and I can NOT WAIT!! We weren't expecting you babies, but we can't wait for you to complete our family.
Thanks for the pics Aunt Carrie & Uncle Phil xoxox

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Alum Creek Beach Day

I've been searching for a pair of high waisted bottoms ALL summer. I searched every store I could think of. They seem to be on trend so I was super disappointed not to find any I could try on.  I finally gave up and ordered these online from Urban Outfitters. I ordered a size up since they are more of a juniors line. Today was the perfect day to frolic and play on the beach. Mia swam & swam. Even Wes wanted to splash around. Everything was perfect besides him tripping and going under for .25 seconds. I was standing right there but it's still traumatizing. More for me than him I'm sure. I've been googling dry drowning all afternoon. Ugh. When your heart walks outside your body you suddenly become neurotic.
Can we talk about how cute Rory and Wes are? The jumped up and down in the sand cracking themselves up.  Mia was so strong and brave in the water I was amazed. Hooray for swimming lessons totally paying off!!!!

Hat: JCrew Top: Victoria's Secret via DFW Bottoms: Urban Outfitters

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Goodale Picnic

Pretty much every nite Mia asks to do something special. Yes, I know she's spoiled but we just can't help ourselves. We love these babies too much!!  Most work nites we say "Hanging out at our new house is pretty special." Since its summer & the weather is amazing I've tried to have at least one special something each week. Last Tuesday it was fountains and snow cones at Easton. Tonite it was North Market for macaroons and a picnic at Goodale Park. It only took ten tries to get one pic of us all looking at the camera. Yah for using the stroller as a tripod!
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