Sunday, November 5, 2017

Pumpkins and Goblins

The pumpkin patch was a bit chaotic this year, as life with four kiddos always is. I'm just proud we made it all. We got there at 5, they close at 7, dinner time is 5:30 & the twins go to bed at 6:30p. We rushed from one activity to the next , shoving bits of food in babies mouths just waiting for them to start melting down. They actually held their own and were mostly just fussy because they waited to stay out of the stroller & walk.
In true Wesley fashion he made this face a few times but for the most part he had a great time riding the tractors & drinking apple cider.
To make up for the so so pumpkin patch visit we had our BEST Halloween yet. Which is a miracle considering I ordered the babies costumes on Amazon 2 days before trick or treat! Amazon Prime to the rescue because, seriously look how cute?! I ended up being off work, if i hadn't been there is know way we would have made it. My best friends and my mom ended up coming over. We drank wine in solo cups as the big kids RACED from house to house & the twins stayed bundled in the stroller. It was FREEZING!!! The Storm Trooper kept impressing the neighbors as he would say, "have a great nite!" each time we left a house. Damon stayed home with his Clark Griswold,  giant Halloween blow ups and gave out candy. My fingers started to freeze off so we made it back in time for Mia to stand out there with him and give out candy to the older kids who were still out. The best of both worlds. 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Fall Harvest Fun

Growing up all of my extended family was in Indiana. We went and visited once or twice a year but being an only child  I always wished for more big family celebrations . Lucky for me my Aunt and her hubby bought some land 17 minutes from my house. This weekend we went out for our 2nd annual hay ride and eat all the sugar party!! She even made a little pumpkin patch for all the kids.
Love seeing how the kids have changed since last years visit. Obvi the babies have gotten bigger but the changes in my Mia Isabelle are most noticeable. She's lost the last traces of pre-schooler and become this know it all, smarty, independant six-nager. It's hard completely losing my baby girl but I love hanging with this little woman, spitfire. Tonite she was singing under her breath one of my fav country songs and it just blew my mind that she likes it as much as I do. Definitely my little mini me. It takes the sting away a little to at least have 2 babies still toddling around & a preschooler writing all his letter backwards.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

August Roundup

1. Mia started First Grade. She totally nailed the 1st day of school! Her first time riding the bus & she hopped on like it was nothing! She ate her packed lunch in the "capateria" which was a dream come true! The next day was even better bc she got to buy😂❤️
 I on the other hand was a neurotic person! I drove to her school right after she got on the bus to see her walk in & make sure she got there okay. I waited about 10 minutes, went inside to make sure I had missed the bus and they said "no the bus hasn't come yet, but we're aware they're not here." I told the ladies at the desk, "I'll be sitting out front waiting!". I sat on the curb and must have looked like a vagabond bc these cute grandparents drive up in a minivan & ask me if I need a ride bc they thought my car had broken down 😂😂😂 Keep in mind school started at 9:15. By 9:45 I go back in and the ladies at the front desk say, "oh all the buses are here." I said, "well that's funny because I've been sitting out front 🤦🏼‍♀️ They said, "Oh honey the buses arrive in the back!" I'm like great, could you have told me that before I sat out front looking like an escapee from the mental ward? #happy1stdayofschool #imthatmom

2. I hadn't read a book since the twins were born despite the fact we go to the library like every weekend. Not sure what happened but I tore it up this month and read a bunch!! I would highly recommend all 3 of these!!  We also watched the most recent  Game of Thrones which has been SOOOOO good. Pretty sure I'm going to be depressed when the series ends.
3. We took the big kids tent camping in Wayne National Forest. It was a ton of work for just one nite but we had an absolute blast! We stayed at Iron Ridge Campground #19.  I would totally snag this spot again. The next morning we spent kayaking on Lake Vesuvius. So happy to have checked this off our Summer Live List!!! I have a more to share about our adventure but I recently became a collaborator for the Columbus Moms Blog. I've got longer posts with tons more pics I'll be sharing over there!
 4. Wyatt & Grayson turned 17 months.  The theme of the month "So Much Screaming." Wyatt gives the most amazing hugs & is my adventurer. He loves to dance. He refuses to eat meat & just throws it on the floor if I attempt to give him any. He has been biting his brother to the point of leaving teeth marks although yesterday he tried to pin him down and possibly give him a hug. Grayson still loves to look at books esp Brown Bear, Brown Bear 🐻 He puts random toys up to his ear and says hello, hello? He'll eat anything we give him but loves to ask for "cookie," which is actually a Live G Free bar (treenut/peanut safe) from Aldi. They aren't walking quite yet but love to "go, go" with push toys or in the stroller. We've been taking walks almost every day to help w the witching times. Can't say witching hour bc there are multiple times/day where the only thing to do is get out of the house. Not an easy feat w a 6y/o, 4y/o and two 17 months olds.
5. We made it to COSI for Farm Days. The kids loved the giant tractors and we also had a blast exploring kid space. The have the cutest farmer's market play area, a chemistry lab & of course the water area for babies. Bring a change of clothes for sure. Wyatt had tons of fun splashing around (Gray screamed and had to be held) but ended up with some weird rash for ten days after.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

4 Things to Love About Goldfish Swim School

1. I love that they listen. The first few months Wesley took his lessons, he struggled. The teachers would dip him under and he hated it. It actually got to the point he didn't even look forward to swim lessons. He didn't want to go. So I talked to his teachers and they agreed to ask each time if he wanted to go under. If he said no, they didn't force him. The used other tools like dumping water on his head or dipping just down to his nose. Finally of his own accord, he decide going under was awesome.  He graduated to the next level a few weeks later.
2. Lessons at Goldfish have helped remind us, Change is Good.
When Wes moved up to the next level, we had to switch our whole schedule. New day, new time, new swim friend & new teacher.  Within five minutes of meeting Mr. Mina, Mia overcame her nervousness at having a male teacher! We've literally loved every teacher we've had at Goldfish Swim School & my kids are learning how to adapt & thrive in different social settings!
3. It Gets Us Out of the House
My big kids are in a season of bickering. It's all "mom, she touched me,  Dad he's looking at me." It's exhausting. Our lessons at Goldfish provide a break from the monotony of the week nite hustle.  It's not just home from work, dinner, bath, books bed. We blast our favorite songs on the way to lessons. We visit with friends they've made while they color Bubbles the Goldfish . They have a blast during their lesson  & then I  let them pick a treat from the snack shack. Pretty much Heaven!!!

4. Goldfish Gives Back
PANCAKES!!!  Goldfish Swim School is teaming up with Make-A-Wish Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana to grant a wish to a few very special children! Saturday, July 29 from at 8:30am - 10:30am Chris Cakes will be at Goldfish Swim School DUBLIN serving up all you can eat pancakes for $6 a plate! All profits will go directly to Make A Wish!

This post is in partnership with Goldfish Swim School.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Holy Fourth, I'm Tired

The holidays with kids & babies just keep getting better & better. It pushes us (even if we are beyond exhausted) to make the memories, because we want them to experience the magic. It helps us see the magic in the simple things. Sparklers, s'mores, friends, Gmas & Gpas,  parades fireflies & first slides were all completely magical this Fourth of July. Oh, and the nap I took after three glasses of wine at my mom's. That was magical too.

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