Tuesday, July 25, 2017

4 Things to Love About Goldfish Swim School

1. I love that they listen. The first few months Wesley took his lessons, he struggled. The teachers would dip him under and he hated it. It actually got to the point he didn't even look forward to swim lessons. He didn't want to go. So I talked to his teachers and they agreed to ask each time if he wanted to go under. If he said no, they didn't force him. The used other tools like dumping water on his head or dipping just down to his nose. Finally of his own accord, he decide going under was awesome.  He graduated to the next level a few weeks later.
2. Lessons at Goldfish have helped remind us, Change is Good.
When Wes moved up to the next level, we had to switch our whole schedule. New day, new time, new swim friend & new teacher.  Within five minutes of meeting Mr. Mina, Mia overcame her nervousness at having a male teacher! We've literally loved every teacher we've had at Goldfish Swim School & my kids are learning how to adapt & thrive in different social settings!
3. It Gets Us Out of the House
My big kids are in a season of bickering. It's all "mom, she touched me,  Dad he's looking at me." It's exhausting. Our lessons at Goldfish provide a break from the monotony of the week nite hustle.  It's not just home from work, dinner, bath, books bed. We blast our favorite songs on the way to lessons. We visit with friends they've made while they color Bubbles the Goldfish . They have a blast during their lesson  & then I  let them pick a treat from the snack shack. Pretty much Heaven!!!

4. Goldfish Gives Back
PANCAKES!!!  Goldfish Swim School is teaming up with Make-A-Wish Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana to grant a wish to a few very special children! Saturday, July 29 from at 8:30am - 10:30am Chris Cakes will be at Goldfish Swim School DUBLIN serving up all you can eat pancakes for $6 a plate! All profits will go directly to Make A Wish!

This post is in partnership with Goldfish Swim School.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Holy Fourth, I'm Tired

The holidays with kids & babies just keep getting better & better. It pushes us (even if we are beyond exhausted) to make the memories, because we want them to experience the magic. It helps us see the magic in the simple things. Sparklers, s'mores, friends, Gmas & Gpas,  parades fireflies & first slides were all completely magical this Fourth of July. Oh, and the nap I took after three glasses of wine at my mom's. That was magical too.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Grayson & Wyatt: 15 Months

They are learning SO much. Babies are truly like sponges. Grayson is the more happy go lucky, attention loving twin. He will sit still and look at books, practicing animal noises over & over. Wyatt hates to sit still, and prefers to crawl around exploring everything. I didn't think he knew as many animal sounds as Gray, but then he'll throw a "neigh, neigh" or hoot, hoot" over his should as he crawls on to the next adventure.

Grayson learned to stand in his crib first but went thru a phase where he couldn't sit himself down. He'd be up 10xnite. We finally put him in a pack n play in the basement for a week to do a little CIO. He has slept thru the nite every day since!!!!! He loves giving high fives, clapping & singing "Up above," the world from Twinkle, Twinkle. He pulls himself to stand & loves cruising along the couch. He likes to ask you to read to him by throwing a book at you and saying "Thank You."
This month we transitioned from two naps to one. It's gone well which tells me they were ready. They nap from around 12:-3:30 and are usually in bed for the nite between 6:30-7pm. They get up between 7a-8a. By far their most FAVORITE activity is pushing cars around our house. They both make little vrooming noises and almost always have some sort of vehicle in their chubby fingers. We are still learning and figuring out safe foods for them as we deal with the egg/peanut/treenut allergies. A typical meal is a sweet potato, avocado, rotisserie chicken, yogurt and a pouch. They also  love Annie's mac n cheese w tuna, Van's gluten free waffles w sun butter & Applegate hot dogs.  Grayson seems a bit bigger than Wyatt but it could just be his giant cheeks. They both wear 12 -18 month cloths & a size 3 diaper.
There has been a noticeable shift with Wyatt's demeanor over the past month or two. He was the laid back, always happy guy. Lately he has been SOOOO FUSSY. He basically screams if he's not being held, but then slaps you in the face when you pick him up. I've attributed it to teething but will def mention it at his doctors visit this month. He has still been sleeping like a champ. Wyatt loves the water & his little legs go non stop the second he feels it. He can also clap, wave & say Thank You. If you lay on the floor he always comes & lays his little head on yours.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Summer Live List

Now that the (big) kids are in school Summer adventures are now a priority.We want to squeeze as many memories into the next few months as we can. make memories so Summer takes on a whole new meaning. This year we added lots of activities that will be first for Mia & Wes. They are just getting so big & ready for bigger adventures!!!   The little babies (15 months) will probably be sitting out with Grandma & Grandma for most of these.With the 5 year age gap divide & conquer is the name of the game.

Family Camping Trip!!
This will be a 1st for us and we are in the waaaaay early planning stages considering we don't even have a tent. I'd like an area with a big lake so we could do some canoeing and fishing!!! Thinking about Yellow Springs or around Lake Vesuvius looks amazing.

Columbus Clippers Baseball Game, another first for the bigs!
Thinking about trying to get tickets for Father's Day.
Zoombezi Bay & Columbus Zoo. Duh

Summer Mini Camp at Piccadilly. We are thinking about the Star wars Session!!

My sis/bro in law got us a family pass for Xmas & we can't wait to see the new American Museum of Natural History Dinosaur Exhibit (late Fall),  Farm Days August 9-13th & Thomas the Train (TBD).
Overnite at Great Wolf Lodge & Water Park
Damon has a conference hosted here & we are so excited! I'm thinking its going to be especially fun now that the kids have so much water confidence  from swim lessons at Goldfish!!!!

Stratford Ecological Center
The Garden Tea Party on July 18th sounds cute!!!!!!

The Ohio Village
We've visited Slate Run Farm so many times I thought we might try the Village for something new. The Story Book Village event is next Saturday sounds adorable. Story book characters like Rapunzel & Cinderella come to life & walk around the village!!!
Explore 5 New To Us Parks.
I'm am so pumped to try out the new natural play space at Blendon Woods!! And I've always wanted to see the bird mural at Glen Echo park.  

Explore 5 New To Us Libraries.
We've already seen a magic show at Hilliard & joined the Summer Reading Program at Bexley.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Currently Craving

I'm so ready for amazing weather. The end of May has me craving picnics with sangria, farmer's markets, outdoor movies, splash pads & cheese plates on the patio. These are a few of my favorite things. Now if I could just figure out how to wrangle all four kids while doing all the things!!! Wardrobe wise give me ALL the ruffles. And bubble gum pink. Clothes, nails, lips, I'll take them all. My favorite pink lip is Pickled Plum if you're at the MAC counter anytime soon.
Last nite we celebrated national Wine Day at Meza Wine Shop in Uptown Westerville. Speaking of cheese plates their's are AMAZING!!!  I drank Pinot while my friend @peppermintandgrapefruit taught an awesome essential oils class! I hope you have an amazing Memorial Day Weekend . Thank you to all the men and women who have served and are serving including my handsome hubby!!!
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