Saturday, February 28, 2015

Disney on Ice

My friend Esther called me on Saturday with two extra tickets to Disney on Ice. I was super excited because I had wanted to go, but never quite pulled the trigger on buying the tix. I knew it would be a perfect mother/daughter date. The nite before I told Mia I had a surprise for her. She guessed, A trip to the ice cream store? A new toy? A trip to Disney World?  She was sort of close!!!
She loved seeing the characters & kept saying she wanted to give them hugs. She would yell, Hi Barbie, like Barbie was there just for her. Those moments of love and the innocence that only a child can truly emanate are some of my favorite.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Wesley Crush: 23 Months

At 23 months we can not take our eyes off you for fear you could be swimming in the toilet or scaling the book shelves. You love to torture your sister by hitting her or taking her favorite toys, squeezing them to your chest while shouting MINE! Your favorite toy in the world is a tiny Dyson vacuum daddy bought you. Unfortunately, we never want to give it to you because when its time to take it away you meltdown & cry for an hour.  Daddy bought you a set of Disney Fire & Rescue books & now you're in love with Dusty Crophopper. You love for mama to blow dry your hair after a bath.
You love music & know the words to Shake It Off & John Jacob Jingleheimer. We've been to story time at the library a couple times this month. You could care less about the actual stories but you love when the librarian sang songs with his guitar.You have a new crazy toddler smile when ever I pull out my camera. You love to count and know lots of your shapes. We are soooo excited to move into this new house so that you can have your own room!! No more sleeping in the basement family room!!!! You still wear mostly 18-24 month clothes & size 6 shoes.
This is the last time we will count your age in months. Now it will sound like 2, 4, 6, 20 years old. No matter what you'll always be my sunshine boy, my joy. The best baby/toddler on the block. Except when you're mad & you slap me in the face. eek

Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Family Valentine's Date

For the second year in a row we celebrated Valentine's Day as a family with dinner at COSI & a trip to Build-A-Bear.  Mia knew which bear she was going to choose before we left the house this morning. She remembered a rainbow bear from last year. I swear she has the memory of an elephant. She named her Rainbow Wish. Instead of instilling kindness or happiness in the computerized heart, she chose stylish & sparkly as her top traits. I swear its not my fault!!!!  She named her Rainbow Wish.
Wesley is still a little young to have much of a preference but Damon & I seriously beelined for the Ninja Turtles. It was a toss up between Leonardo & Michelangelo. Damon says we should go back for Wes' birthday & get Mikey. Who do you think had the most fun?? lol
I'm pretty sure this first picture sums up taking toddlers out in public for dinner. Wine, dinosaurs & loud screams. The only thing missing is the sippy cup being thrown on the ground repeatedly. Perhaps I should have ordered the bottle??

Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Dreadlocked Valentine

Everyone has been posting Valentine's outfits, so here's what i would wear if we had plans. Around here our focus is new house paper work. So romantic I know! We went into contract this week & are working on getting the lender our life story. Tuesday is the inspection so CROSS YOUR FINGERS!!!!
On the beauty front I got my hair done yesterday & my amazingly talented hair stylist Hayley was able to remove the dreadlocks. Oh, did I not mention this little hair snafu?? Since I've taken to wearing my hair longer, there's this spot in the back that looks like a birds nest with little dreadlocks in it. It's progressively gotten worse, to the point poor Hayley had to shear one out. I have NO FREAKING CLUE why this is happening. If anyone has any ideas, HOLLA!!!!!!!

Can we talk about my love for this sweet maxi i got for $5 at Goodwill!!!!! FYI This is the turkey vulture barn. Think they were hibernating today!!!
Dress: Forever 21 via Good Will Jacket: Anthro Boots: Old Navy (old) Lips: Nars Heat Wave

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Instagram Fam

1. The overwhelming response was OITNB, BUUUUT I went with Scandal. I'm currently on the 3rd season & totally addicted! 2. Like I said, addicted!!! 3. It was -4 out, calling for 27 layers. 4. Love my girl. 5. #614bloggerbrunch gifted planner, my new JCREW jewels & Benefit mascara. I think I was expecting falsies in a tube. Not so much. 6. The Brunch was at Milestone 229. My dress is from Gap. 7. One of my favorite Crush pictures so far. 8. I finally made it to Fox in the Snow Cafe. Thanks for meeting me I Wanna Be Mary-Kate. 9. Pretending to be healthy. A spinach, banana, pineapple, coconut milk & honey, Nutribullet smoothie. 10. House hunting. Love these floors. 11. Feeling the January blues. This quote helps! 12. My bff is having a baby!! She'll be here any day!! 13. More house hunting. This was stunning but not quite roomy enough:) 14. Some pretty inspiration from ig@pineapplesandcoffeecups

Friday, January 30, 2015

Xoxo Little Boy

Being the second baby is hard. Especially when your big sister is a super needy, drama queen. We try really hard to make sure Wes knows how special & not be constantly over shadowed.. Tonite it was a special Dusty Crophopper airplane from daddy & the bath all to himself from mom. I can't tell you the last time he had the tub to himself. It's the littlest things that make the difference.  Love you tons big boy!!! xoxoxox

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


On Saturday I was lucky enough to be included in the 614 Blogger Brunch at Milestone 229. I had followed so many of these ladies on Instagram but never met them in person. I was nervous. Sweating actually!!!! These girls have been ROCKING the Columbus social media scene for a while!  It was awesome & everyone was nothing but warm and inviting. The food was delicious & the company was amazing. Looking forward to happy hour soon!!
Thanks so much to these beauties, Anna from I Wanna Be Marykate, Candace from Live, Love & Read, Belinda from House of Phrase & Zoey from The Clothing Key who was sick, for bringing us all together!!
Images captured by Jason Read & Edited by Kimberly J Photography 

If your looking for some 614 inspiration follow along with my girls here:
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