Saturday, May 23, 2015

Backpacking Like Blossom

As a mama, I can't tell you how excited I am about the backpack trend!!! I totally missed the boat in the 90's:( I'm not really sure how, considering my 90's style gurus Clarissa & Blosssom, both had AHHH-Mazing backpack collections.  You know,  just making up for lost backpacking time. Perfect for my camera, diapers, lipstick... All the essentials.
I found this pair of Paige denim at the Goodwill on High St. in Clintonville. I wish they were a little more belled at the bottom but the best part is they were professionally hemmed. Perfect for a shorty like me!!!!! Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend<3 .="">
Top: American Eagle: Thrifted Jeans: Paige Denim Thrifted Backpack & Sunnies: Target recent Wedges: Clothes Mentor Lips: NARS Niagra Bracelet: Clothes Mentor
Thanks to my Anthony Wayne for putting up with me, taking my pics & exploring Riverway Park in Dublin!!! xoxox

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Moving 126

I've kept a diary of our move on instagram. Follow along @lizbonj. It's been insane trying to work, paint, mom, organize. I've neglected this little blog space. I picked up my big girl camera for the first time in a while & it felt soooo good!!!! Any who, here are a few before pics of our new home. We are in love with its cozy eighties-ness.
1. Moving Day!! 2. We hired movers to do most of the heavy lifting. 3. Before. 4. After. 5 So excited to start painting. Its only day one so talk to me in 2-3 days. 6. I swear it took 77 coats to get this room white. I don't even want the kids near  it. Too bad its the playroom:/  7. They love it, of course.  8. They also love our new backyard. 9. I love him. Tons! 10. I'm stressing trying to work & move. 11. Damon's man cave needs some work. 12. A little painting, moooood music. (Did you catch the Wedding Singer there?).

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

sambaFRESH cleanse. I DID IT!!!!!

Two weeks ago I completed the 3 day, #614sfcleanse with sambaFRESH.  When I say completed, I mean, I actually did it.  6 organic pure pressed 16 oz juices only for 3 days (water and green tea as you like). Unless you count licking the peanut butter off my spoon while fixing sandwhichs for the kids a total deal breaker:/  This is an amazing accomplishment for anyone but ESPECIALLY ME!! You guys, I am not exagerrating when I say I have NO will power when it comes to food. Like none. I've been known to eat vats of Nutella, a whole Mrs. Goodman's cake & the Double Cheeseburger meal from McDonalds. This girl loves to eat. That's not to say I always eat crap. Avocado is my fav, sushi is the norm & I have even been drinking "juice" from Kroger. So I thought I knew what juice was like.
Green juice=gross, fruity pink ones=good, right?  Boy was I ever wrong. The fact that I made it 3 days drinking only juice is a testament to the amazing quality of organic, pure pressed juices. I rarely felt  hungry because my body was waaaay more hydrated than normal & receiving tons of vitamins & nutrients in one of the purest forms. Sure, I got really Hangry after seeing a Burger King commercial ( I don't even like BK) but that is to be expected. So much of diet & exercise are mind over matter. The 3 day cleanse for me was no different.
It helps that 5 of the 6 juices I had each day tasted like amazingly delicious desserts. Even the green one!!! I am serious you guys, I am still craving sambaFresh.  My favorite was, SOL, carrot, pear, orange apple & lime. I could drink this orange beauty for breakfast EVERY DAY!  After the cleanse I went in to samba and realized you can taste tons of the juices. DO IT because they are delish, with the added benefit of hydration, glowy skin, & tons of energy. If you're interested in the cleanses check out some of the packages here. I did the rainbow & loved it. Added bonus? My work pants that are normally booty tight, seemed to fit better. Maybe I forgot to put them in the dryer or maybe I was way less bloated? I'm guessing it was a combo of both!!
I mentioned 5 out of 6 were delish. Here is where I confess that I was not a perfect cleanser. When I picked up my juice I should have checked out the Detox ingredients before I left. If I had, I would have switched to Detox 4 which doesn't have habenero peppers. If it tasted bad I could have just chugged it but the spiciness was a deal breaker for me. Just couldn't get it down.
Let me say it again. If I can do it YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! Here are a few tips to make your cleanse as successful as possible.

1. Schedule the cleanse during a time you know you'll have busy days. This will help keep your mind off of food & make the days go quickly. Do not schedule lunch meetings, dinner dates or brunch. Your will power is not that strong.
2. Make sure you work with the sambaFresh staff to get the cleanse that will work best for you. Esp your Detox Juice. My friend Sarah & I hanging out w Dave, one of sambaFRESH's super sweet & juicy employees.
3. Bring an icy cooler with all your juice, except maybe dinner. The first day I had one juice for breakfast before work and only packed 2 additional juices. By 3pm I was DYING. Luckily I work for myself & could run home to get my juice. The next two days I brought all my juice with me.
4. Don't watch regular TV. Snuggle in and watch Netflix (have you streamed The Killing?) to avoid those nasty food commercials. Then perhaps you can avoid getting super hangry & wanting to strangle everyone around you.
5. Plan on going to bed early. I usually had my dinner juice, Proteina (YUMMM) by 5pm. Watched a few shows & went to bed pretty much as soon as the kids did. I'm a snacker & it was the best way to check myself before I wrecked myself!!!!!
 6. You may want to unfriend some of your foodie friends on IG. Just for a few days. Again, my will power is not strong enough to stare at Kitties Cakes & Sassafras Bakery all day. For realz!!!
7. Don't put TOO much pressure on your self. Dinner time was the hardest for me. I'd sail through the day & then have to fix my kiddos dinner. It was hard. I totally licked the knife. Who cares, I'm not perfect & don't want to be. If you are feeling overwhelmed or your body is demanding food. Go ahead & modify. Check out Girl About Columbus' (Amanda) post here. She modified a bit & still killed the cleanse.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Sugar Magnolia

Last weekend my friend Allison & I took our kids to Goodale Park.  It was good in that we got some gorgeous pictures with the magnolias blooming like mad. It was bad because the kids hadn't napped. They ran around, totally not listening, eating macaroons for dinner and lying face down on the ground screaming bloody murder when it was time to go. That was my kid. It's a miracle we survived!! This was also the day I tried my first ever Dutch braid!!! Super perfect for chasing kiddos on a windy, park day!!! P.S Dance your way into the weekend w a little Grateful Dead Sugar Magnolia!!!!
You can see some of the pics I took of her & her beautiful babes on my Facebook page Lizbonj Photography!!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Happy Birthday Mia Isabelle

Happy Birthday baby doll. We love you so much.  You started school this year & absolutely love it. We've been watching lots of Disney movies together & your saving all the pennies in your piggy bank to go to Disney World. You sleep with a different stuffed toy every nite. Sometimes it's Kitty or Icy, other nites it might be Belle or Ariel. Everyday you pick out your outfit &it usually includes a tutu. You've been asking to go back to ballet class.  You weigh 30 lbs & wear a 4t. You went through a phase complaining of stomach pains & having tons of nite terrors. We took you off dairy & it really seems to have helped!!!! You still complain of your knees hurting but I think those are growing pains. I love hanging out with you at Barnes & Noble or the American Girl store. You are my tiny shadow and for the most part I love it. The other nite I got frustrated (smothered?)  & yelled at you. Five minutes later you were hugging me, telling me I was the best mom ever. Thank you for loving me like that. It's the best thing in the world.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Romper Heaven

Please excuse my PALE white legs. Sadly my days of tanning are long over. On the other hand my romper wearing days may have just started, unless you count the sailor outfit I wore for my 7th birthday!!! I scored this beauty on clearance a few weeks ago & couldn't wait to bust it out. I actually found another romper at the thrift store today. I thought it was a shirt, which doesn't bode well for covering much skin. I totally bought it anyway. It's vintage + couldn't resist!! Maybe I'll wear it as a swimsuit, but never get in the water. Perfect!
I'm heading to Detroit for work tomorrow & haven't even started getting anything together. It's already way past my bed time...Night Night..xoxo
Jacket: Express Romper: Anthropologie Bag: Madewell Shoes: Express Sunnies: Jessica Simpson via TJMAXX Lips: Mac Vegas Volt

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Joint Dino Birthday Bash

The Spring time months are my favorite, mostly because these cuties have birthdays. Wes turned two & Mia turns four.  Today we celebrated with a joint dinosaur birthday bash. We dug for salt dough fossils, ate Grandma Tachee's famous quiche, pinned the party hat on T-Rex and blew tons of bubbles. Of course we  ate LOTS of cake. There may also have been mimosa's & chocolate tequila involved. Thanks Dad!!!! My kids are loved spoiled beyond belief. Thank you, thank you to our awesome friends & family  for helping us make the most amazing memories!
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