Friday, July 3, 2015

Creekside Adventures

I missed my babies all week, so I'm super stoked for the 3 day holiday weekend. Sadly this is one of the busiest work weekends for Damon & we won't get to see him much the next two days. This morning Allison & I took the kids to Creekside in Gahanna. We ate macaroons & cupcakes (vegan for Mia) before lunch, ran through the woods & dipped our toes in the creek. We saw the giant swan, ducks, turtles & frogs. The babies stopped to admire all the tiny bugs & tried to keep up with the big kids. I just tried to keep Wes alive. I had to run the 400 meter dash several times to keep him out of the water or from running down the path in the opposite direction. You know, the joys of taking a two year old out of the house! Another Creekside adventure here. Our treats are from here.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

In Summer

Our first pool day of the Summer + it was SO Fun. We met our friends at the Hilliard Family Aquatic  Center. SO SO fun for toddlers. I definitely recommend making the trip! It was $18 for all three of us (Cash Only)! There are 3 easy water slides Mia navigated totally by herself. Wesley went down with me standing on the side holding his hand. Also, a lazy river that the big girls LOVED!! They wore their puddle jumpers and totally felt like they were swimming independently since the current pushed them around. Wesley was  hesitant in the water at first. He kept rubbing his eyes, either from sensitivity or sun block. I put a ball cap on him and that immediately helped. After that he ran like a maniac splashing & sneaking in with his shoes on during rest period! This was our first time using Honest sunblock + it seemed to work really well. I found it at Costco if your looking. Mia & her bestie Marina were SUPER excited to be reunited. I don't think they had seen each since school let out. This first pic cracks me up. The best I could get with my crazies!!
A pool day from last year here.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Cross Your Fingers

We've officially been in our new house over a month. To us that means still living out of a few boxes, no furniture in several rooms and for Damon getting poison ivy from all the new found yard work. It also means strawberry margaritas on our new deck, endless hours of swinging and splashing in the backyard water table. We LOVE it! The big ole cherry on top? We are in contract with the very first person who looked at the condo!! Please please cross your fingers. She is in contract on her own home, so everything has to go smoothly for her sale AND the for ours!!!!!!
I grabbed this long, flowy dress at the end of fall for only $12. I knew I would bust it as soon as the weather turned nice. This is such a perfect dress, momfit if you will!  You can wrangle the littles at a cookout, swing at the park. Whatevs! Grab your hat so your not squinting and your mom bag that's not technically a diaper bag, buuuut everyone knows by the little ducklings trailing behind you that there are a few diapers in there!! If you really want to glam it up do a bright lip!! I was complaining to a make up artist at Sephora that some of my bright lipsticks run when its humid & I get all sticky. She recommended using a clear lip liner. You guys!! I only line the very bottom of my lower lip and it TOTALLY keeps it from running!! Best makeup tip EVER!!!!
Dress: Target Hat: JCREW Hurry they sold out last year Shoes: Sorry you can't see them!! Brown Wedges from Clothes Mentor Braclet: Clothes Mentor Lips: Mac Vegas Volt

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Annual Slate Run Farm Visit

On Saturday we took advantage of the mild, beautiful day & went to Slate Run Farm with Mia's bestie from school.  It's hard not having daddy with us but I couldn't wait one second longer to start our Summer Bucket List!. Thanks to Meredith for helping control the kids while I attempted to take some pics. The good & the bad thing about Slate Run is that it is a TOTAL free for all. There is no one there stopping the kids from climbing the fence into the sheep pasture (Wes) or using very sharp gardening tools (Mia) at will.  We love packing a picnic, in this case Wendy's chicken nuggets & taking turns on Mia's FAVORITE wooden swing while we eat. Last years trip to the farm here.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Backpacking Like Blossom

As a mama, I can't tell you how excited I am about the backpack trend!!! I totally missed the boat in the 90's:( I'm not really sure how, considering my 90's style gurus Clarissa & Blosssom, both had AHHH-Mazing backpack collections.  You know,  just making up for lost backpacking time. Perfect for my camera, diapers, lipstick... All the essentials.
I found this pair of Paige denim at the Goodwill on High St. in Clintonville. I wish they were a little more belled at the bottom but the best part is they were professionally hemmed. Perfect for a shorty like me!!!!! Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend<3 .="">
Top: American Eagle: Thrifted Jeans: Paige Denim Thrifted Backpack & Sunnies: Target recent Wedges: Clothes Mentor Lips: NARS Niagra Bracelet: Clothes Mentor
Thanks to my Anthony Wayne for putting up with me, taking my pics & exploring Riverway Park in Dublin!!! xoxox

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Moving 126

I've kept a diary of our move on instagram. Follow along @lizbonj. It's been insane trying to work, paint, mom, organize. I've neglected this little blog space. I picked up my big girl camera for the first time in a while & it felt soooo good!!!! Any who, here are a few before pics of our new home. We are in love with its cozy eighties-ness.
1. Moving Day!! 2. We hired movers to do most of the heavy lifting. 3. Before. 4. After. 5 So excited to start painting. Its only day one so talk to me in 2-3 days. 6. I swear it took 77 coats to get this room white. I don't even want the kids near  it. Too bad its the playroom:/  7. They love it, of course.  8. They also love our new backyard. 9. I love him. Tons! 10. I'm stressing trying to work & move. 11. Damon's man cave needs some work. 12. A little painting, moooood music. (Did you catch the Wedding Singer there?).
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