Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

Our 2nd big Easter egg hunt was a success!! When I asked Mia what she wanted to wear she said, "My bird dress," like she always does. Nana & Aunt Allison out did themselves w a million eggs.  The kids got so many eggs they had to empty their baskets & go hunting again.

Thanks to my mom & dad for our traditional lapin au vin dinner. My dad bought the kids guinea pigs. Mia named one Kiwi & the other my dad called Peanut. If anyone has any guinea pig tips let me know. Holding them, I felt like they might bite me at any moment. Is there a sci-fi movie Attack of the Guineas?
The 1st Easter egg hunt was her bday party last weekend here.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy 3rd BIrthday Mia Isabelle

Here are some of your thoughts on the morning of your 3rd birthday. Daddy, Wesley & Mama love you so much. You are the firecracker, puddle jumper, whirl wind in our house. We wouldn't have it any other way!

3rd birthday party pics here.
3rd birthday portraits here.
Mia's 2nd birthday interview here

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wesley Crush: 13 Months

You are zombie crawling everywhere & rocking back & forth on your hands & knees. You can stand holding onto the couch for over a minute.
You say eeeeee---aaaaahhhhh (Mia), mama, dada, Alli & light. You will point at the ceiling w your whole hand saying "ight, ight." You can also bark like a dog, which you'll do anytime you see one out for a walk.
You have 2 bottom teeth & that's it. You wear 18 month clothing. You need a hair cut & have some cute little curls in the back. You're so pretty it won't be long before people are mistaking you for a girl. Especially with those beautiful lashes!
You have officially switched to whole milk w no problems. You still take a bottle, mostly making
a mess when we give you a sippy cup. It amazes us how much you eat!! Scrambled eggs, grilled salmon, sweet potato & peas was dinner tonite.
You are rarely anything but sunshiny so this picture of your grumpy face only makes me laugh! Not sure you're going to be a motorcycle man like your Pop Pop.
Thank you for making us laugh & being so patient everyday.  
Mia's 13 month update here.
Wesley's 1st bday party here.
Wesley's one year portraits here.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mia's 3rd Birthday: An Easter Party

Last year I was shopping at Target (as I DO!) & thought the easter goodies were completely adorable & they 90% off!!! I loaded my cart & decided Mia could have an Easter themed party!!!! Fast forward to this year all I needed to add were therse adorable animal Easter baskets for the kids to use during the egg hunt & my much coveted Studio Mucci tassel garland (mini kawaii confetti). Easiest party theme ever.

My parents hosted & my mom insisted on cooking. The menu included her famous swiss cheese & ham quiche, blueberry peep cakes (thanks Chef Eric!) and pineapple orange mango mimosas!!! Brunch is my favoriet meal:) The kids loved the egg hunt. Mia was extremely sugared up. She's actually shouting "M&M's" in this picture!!!! I found a #3 pinnata at the thrift store that was perfect. If you look closely you can see a little plush Darth Vader w bunny ears falling out!!!

Just like that, party season is done & my babies are a year bigger. Mia & Wesley you are loved beyond anything you could ever imagine! Happiest of birthdays my sweets. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Around Here

Some of these are pretty old but since I got my new camera for Christmas I just haven't been using instagram as much.   Anyway, how could I not sure this 1st pic? Ivie & Mimi bffs, for the moment anyway!!!!! 2. Explorer girl. 3. Early morning tub babies. 4. She got a driving lesson for no screaming at bedtime. 5. Baby Led Weaning. 6. Aunt Alli w Mims & Ivie 7. Chase the rainbow! 8. Zumba class w one other person. Pretty much my worst nightmare. 9. March 30th Puffy coat still required. 10. Drooly chested fox baby.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Showing Up

I'm kind of obsessed w our new family pics from Ashley West Photography. Okay, A LOT obsessed. Wesley is one & Mia is three in six days. How is this possible?? If my hair looks a little crazy, blame the 30mph wind guests! Perfect day for pictures, no? We started at the library, one of our most favorite spots. Look at Wesley's hand holding the book. OMG
Lately I've been hearing the importance of knowing each member of your family's love language. I love this idea & while the kids are too small, Damon & I both took the quiz.  I show love with lots of physical affection, he shows his through acts of service. Marine + Police Officer =Acts of Service.  Not a shocker. I could have guessed this, but going through the test & reading a little about the concept just helps me appreciate my amazing husband even more. 
Damon HATES having his picture taken. I'm pretty sure he would rather have a root canal or possibly strep throat. He married a picture obsessed, photographer wannabe. YIKES. Since we just got some family photos last October, I mentioned to him he could skip these if he wanted.  I pulled up to the library by myself (my mom came to help baby wrangle) & I missed him. About 45 minutes in to the  session he pulls up. Ashley said, Did he come to be your knight in shining armor?" He did, he does, always. We got family pictures. My favorites yet. The way Mia is squeezing him, I'll cherish that picture forever. Sometimes the very best love language is just showing up. I love you Damon!  
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