Monday, February 20, 2017

Wyatt & Grayson: 11 Months

The babies were officially diagnosed with allergies to peanuts, almonds & cashews. We were advised to avoid all tree nuts as a precaution. I'm having a really hard time with it.  I can't help but read stories like Oakley's and suddenly feel like that could be my child at any moment. I'm not kidding when I tell you everything has peanut in it. I mean seriously, Keebler's Cheddar Crackers, why in god's name do you need to contain peanut flour?  I'm anxiously waiting for the cure  the allergists say IS COMING, in the form of OIT, a patch or maybe even a vaccine! In the mean time we keep our Epi Pens close & pray no well meaning someone gives our a babies a bite of contaminated food. Wyatt (Left) Grayson ( Right)
Grayson has one lonely bottom tooth that has just barely popped through. He learned to wave & always has his hand in his mouth.Wyatt has no teeth & loves worm crawling around the house as fast as possible. I layed him on his Boppy with a bottle, ran down to grab his bro & came up to find him gone. He had crawled into our bedroom & I nearly died from a heart attack seeing the empty Boppy. He loves to lay head to head  & stoke/yank our hair. When he smiles he wrinkles his whole face.
After a bout of sickness they were both back to waking multiple times a nite. After two nites of me blocking them out with my rainy nites white noise on Youtube they are back to mostly sleeping from 6:30 to 5:30am. Grayson is always the first one up. We love playing peek a boo & their gummy happy grins melt this tired mama's heart every day. It's hard to believe we are in first birthday party planning mode already. It takes two to make a thing goooooo right!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Vertical Adventures

We have been a living a bit of Groundhog's Day over here lately. The monotony of working, parenting & the constant barrage of political unease has me all like "holy crap I need an escape!!" We are so lucky to live in CBUS!! It truly is an amazing city and has so many things right close to home that can make you feel like you've gone off the grid, even if it is for just a few hours!!!!
Vertical Adventures is a serious adrenaline boost just waiting for you!! VA is an indoor climbing facility that allows all ages (even little ones) and experience levels to come in and climb. Here are some FAQs. On Saturday morning Damon & I  took the 90 min Rope 101 class. We learned about the equipment,  how to secure ourselves to the (think lots of figure 8 knots) rope, and safely Belay each other.
We also used the auto Belayer (they have 5) if you don't have a partner or just don't want to learn to Belay. The auto was way scarier for me. I got to the top and realized no one was holding me. I had to just lean back, trust the rope & nothing else. I was almost frozen up there but Damon talked me down, reassuring that I could let go and the rope would do its job! I can't quite explain how refreshing it was to get out and do something totally out of our wheel house. For those couple hours we weren't the butt wipers or the unappreciated chefs. We were ourselves. Free to seek adventure and conquer the day instead of just surviving. The Rope 101 class includes a two week pass to return and climb as often as you like.Seriously put Vertical Adventures on your list to try out. You don't have to be have any experience climbing or be a super athlete. Just being an Adventurer Seeker will suffice!!!
This post is in partnership with Vertical Adventures.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Around Here

We survived (barely) Mia getting her tonsils and adenoids removed. It was hellacious to say the least. We had six nites of waking, screaming bloody murder EVERY TWO HOURS.  Once she recuperated we had a week of no one being sick and 60 degree January weather. It was heaven . Then the twins got a respiratory virus. Cue worst week every. Grayson got so dehydrated from refusing the bottle I spent a whole day doing nothing but giving him pedialite through a medicine dropper. We avoided an ER visit by a hair. Both babies are feeling better but still have hacking coughs and runny noses. They are also back to waking twice a nite wanting to eat. At ten months I would be very inclined to let them cry it out but their room is attached to ours. It stinks. Not to mention, if one screeches for too long there is a good chance the other baby will wake. It really stinks and Damon and I are completely exhausted.
My kindergartner had her first Father/Daughter dance! She was super nervous daddy wouldn't want to dance with her. Don't you know daddy's always going to be there for you , little girl. Even if he hates dancing, especially in public. They went and had an amazing time!!!
Lara (my college roommate & bestie came up from Florida to snuggle the twins for the first time. The big kids were so excited to see her. Mia said, I'm going to get dressed for Auntie Lala, and came down in a 1920's flapper costume covered in sequins. I was dying!!!
I hate the cold so even though the winter weather hasn't been terrible we've been in hibernation mode! Trying to survive by doing all the indoor winter activities. Kinetic sand, play doh, paints, Crazy Eights, War,  Magna Tiles & of course swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School! We've watched some new movies & had make our own pizza nite! The original Annie, Snow White and Finding Dory are some of our favs. We went thrifting and had Teddy Bear picnic day at Preschool.  Everyone is growing like a weed and WE CAN NOT WAIT FOR SPRING!!!!!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Goldfish Swim School Girl Power

The key to raising powerful, confident girls? Role models! To teach them to be fearless. To follow their dreams. To be themselvesA role model doesn't have to be a famous historical figure, an Olympic athlete or even a Disney princess. Mia has an AMAZING role model in her Goldfish Swim teacher, Miss Terryn.
I wanted Mia to get to know Miss Terryn a little better, so we worked together to come up with some interview questions. She had a blast hearing all about her special teacher's favorite things!! More importantly I hope she will be as inspired as I was by Miss Terryn chasing her dreams &  willingness to be herself. So without further ado,  meet Miss Terryn from Goldfish Swim School Westerville.
Mia/Mom: When you're not teaching at Goldfish what are you doing?
Miss:Terryn: When I'm not teaching I'm at school. I also play golf for my school, it's become one of my favorite things to do in my free time.

Mia/Mom:What do you want to be when you grow up? 
Miss Terryn: Right now I plan on becoming a biomedical engineer, I want to be able to change the world of medicine.

Mia/Mom: What is your favorite color? Food? Children's book?
Miss Terryn: My favorite color is purple. My favorite food is spaghetti, I order it at every restaurant! 
Dr. Seuss is my favorite author because I loved his rhymes as a child. So my favorite children's book is The Cat in the Hat.

Mia/Mom: Why do you love working at Goldfish Swim School?
Miss Terryn:  I love working at Goldfish because the kids are always so happy to learn which makes me excited to teach. I also really like seeing how much a swimmer has improved by the end of a lesson! It is a lovely environment with a lot of bright colors and even a theme of the month. My coworkers are friendly and always willing to help. It's an experience like no other!
Mia/Mom: What do you think is the most important skill kids learn at Goldfish?
Miss Terryn:  I think the most Important skills are our safety skills: treading and elementary backstroke (usually referred to as monkey, tree, banana). This is the practical side of taking swimming lessons, it can help in an emergency. I always make sure to explain to the swimmers what those skills are used for, just in case they ever have to use them. 
Mia/Mom: If you could swim to anyplace in the world where would you swim?
Miss Terryn: I'd swim to Iceland (even though it'd be chilly) because I have always wanted to see the northern lights. 
Mia/Mom: What is your FAVORITE movie?
Miss Terryn:  Definitely Finding Dory. I remember hearing it was going to be a movie in 2014 and when it came to the movie theatre I was ecstatic to finally see it. Needless to say I loved it!

Thank you Miss Terryn for teaching my girl to swim and so much more. To be her brave, confident, authentic self. You rock. GOLDFISH SWIM SCHOOL GIRL POWER!!!!!!

This post is in partnership with Goldfish Swim School.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Wyatt & Grayson: 10 Months

STOPPPPPPPPPPPP the clock. The minutes, days, months. Just stop. When you have a baby, time begins to move at warp speed. When you have two babies (four total) time moves like Barry Allen (giant nerd alert). It's like  I took a portkey home from the hospital with my newborns to the place where they are chubby, smiling, trying to crawl ten month olds. It's not fair. I love them so. I get teary thinking life with four may be so chaotic I won't be able to remember them so small. Wyatt's throaty voice that never went back to normal after the croup. Or Grayson trying so hard to use that sweet pointer and thumb to grab a puff. So I cry and take millions of insta stories & pictures. Hopefully one day I can figure a good way to splice all those 10 second clips into something? For the record I miss those tiny, newborn bird legs so much.
Wyatt (Baby A) weighs 19lbs 3oz putting him in the 25%, while his head is in the 90%.  He has gone from rolling everywhere to worm crawling.  They've started fighting over toys and pulling each others hair, which for now makes us laugh. Both boys have the cutest fuzzy mohawk. but  Wyatt's is just long enough to tip to the right. I always think he looks like a little troll doll. Something to do with the way he sucks in his bottom lip. Gray looks more like a Cabbage Patch doll with those perfectly round cheeks and giant owl eyes. He weighs 18lbs 13oz and is also in the 25th% for height and weight with a giant noggin. He rolls to his belly and has just started pushing up to his knees.
We've had a little bit of a food allergy scare with Wyatt. I gave him scrambled eggs and after a few minutes he developed some red splotches around his lips & on his chin. I waited maybe ten days and tried again with the same result. Each time the hives faded ten minutes after and he seemed totally fine. I decided to hard boil the eggs and only give him the whites (which is dumb bc the white is apparently the highly allergic portion) and he ate eggs several ti,es with no splotches. So yesterday they were eating hard boiled eggs and Nana asked if I had given them peanut butter. I said no and with out a second thought gave them each a dollop from the jar. I waited about 5 minutes as the continued to much happily and I left for work.  Fast forward 15 minutes and she sends me these pics. I full fledged panicked and started Googling peanut allergies. The thought of a single food being able to literally kill your child is terrifying. Especially as you think about sending them out to school, play dates, cub scouts etc. The constant diligence needed to protect them is heart breaking and totally.
The boys had their  wellness check up today and I (tearily) asked the pediatrician if we could give the babies peanut butter in the office in case they had a sever reaction requiring an Epi pen. We did and....nothing. No hives at all. I thought maybe I didn't give him enough so I even gave him a little more. Nada. I have no clue? Can you get hives one day and nothing the next? Was it the eggs, the peanuts? So for now I feel a little relieved thinking he may just have a slight sensitivity but nothing severe? The next step is to have his blood drawn and then follow up with an allergist.

They are eating three meals/day usually some combo of yogurt, berries, turkey, tuna, avocado, banana, sweet potato etc.  Sleep wise we are pushing for 12-13 hours nite. They go to bed around 6:30 and we just stopped the 10pm bottle feeding this week. They've slept straight thru until 7am and gotten up fussing as early as 4:30am.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Thank Goodness We Had A Happy December

After canceling our Thanksgiving due to a horrible case of mastitis, I was determined to have a magical Christmas. We bought ALL the food for Christmas dinner. Honey baked ham, sparkling grape juice, champagne flutes, tons of desserts annnnnnd we crashed in a big puddle of kids vomiting. Mia in the morning, Wes at nite. They stopped long enough to unwrap gifts and after that it was body aches, scrubbing out trash cans & carpets and sleeping on an air  mattress in the living room to avoid more carpet scrubbing. Luckily we spent all of December doing all the holiday things!!!! WE made Christ mas cookies, went to the North Pole on the Polar Express w my mom & dad, had breakfast with Santa & the Uncles, read the Grinch, watched Wes not sing  in his holiday program, and laughed at the antics of our Elf on the Shelf,  who we never did name. So yesterday was a flop but I'm learning that there are times when we aren't going to thrive, but merely survive and that's okay. Now give me all the Cookie Butter and Home Alone๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜˜
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