Friday, July 5, 2019

South Haven, Michigan

For the second year in a row my friend Allison & I took the big kids to the beach in Michigan for a long weekend. After lots of researching the beach towns along the western coast of MI we chose South Haven. It's only 5 hours from Columbus, has tons of kid friendly beaches (literally the beaches have jungle gyms and swings right on the sand!). The forecast looked terrible (60 & rainy) so we loaded up the van with lots of non-beachy activities. None of which we ended up using bc we had perfect beach days minus the water being ICE COLD. Shout out to our VRBO Bungalow 89. We loved it so much last year we stayed again. It's a 2 minute walk to the beach and a 10 min walk in to town. It's stocked to the brim with everything from ping pong balls for the game table to S'mores sticks for the fire pit.
The unexpected hit of the trip for me was seeing how much fun the kids had riding their scooters into town. Minus screaming at everyone to walk down the hills, it was so fun to watch our scooter gang fly into town for coffee & donuts! It's tradition to catch a Summer movie at the old fashioned South Haven movie Theater.

Friday, November 16, 2018

I Blinked and All the Leaves Fell

How is it the middle of November? I feel like we were just eating cannolis on the back deck for Damon's birthday (September)!! Fall was too short but we managed to squeeze in a trip to the apple orchard, pumpkins at Pigeon Roost,  a visit to the fire station for the twin and a perfect nite of Trick or treating in the rain. I blinked and it was a snowy day in November.  Now I'm on Pinterest searching for Thanksgiving inspiration, Nutella dessert recipes (damn you Costco) and holiday craft ideas. Last year's hand made ornament's turned out totally horrible and I feel like our Christmas tree really needs some cheesy kid made ornaments?!!!!

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Polar Bear, Polar Bear 2nd Birthday

Happy second birthday Wyatt & Grayson.  I'm sorry if I went a little crazy with color for your Polar, Polar Bear birthday party but snow and freezing temperatures in April will do that to a mama. There are lots of things I would bottle up about two. The way Gray struts when he walks. How he pets Icy and gives him the sweetest hugs. How Wyatt has stopped fussing and become the loviest nugget with the cutest dimple. How you both loved your first ride in the "waget" (wagon). How you both sang "Happpppy To You" at your party today.
A few things I won't miss about two? The constant fighting over toys. Seriously if you're reading this and considering ever giving my boys a gift be prepared to buy two of the exact things or we aren't friends any more. The screams that result from not having two of EVERYTHING have literally damaged my hearing. Struggling to take you out on play dates with your big brother and sister. Food allergies. Could you please be in the 10/20% that grow out of their nut allergy ? My anxiety would thank you.
First birthday flash back here. Wasn't this like yesterday? Today you are both sleeping from about 7p-7am pretty consistently. You both weigh close to 25 lbs, although for the first time Grayson (Baby B) is the bigger twin. You both love music and if I don't play your favorite songs on repeat in the car you literally will scream all the home. Wyatt esp was doing a ton of screaming in the car to the point we turned the car seats face forward at the beginning of March. I would have liked to do extended rear facing but the screaming is just as likely to cause an accident.  I don't think there are any long road trips in your future until this stops. 
You both make us smile and laugh everyday. Sure its hard. Damn hard, but boy do we love your little faces off and want to remember you just like this for always. Happy Birthday, Wonder Twins.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Blog Hop For An Awesome New Year

It's over, ugh. The best day of the year,  I blinked and bam it's over.  Instead of being sad and gorging on left overs I'm using this week to start thinking about January and the fresh start that comes with a New Year. And maybe still gorging, as I eat my 2nd box of Hot Tamales from Santa.

I'm joining up with some of my most favorite blogger friends to give you some great ideas to kick start your New Year. I hope you follow along with these ladies all year!! They inspire me everyday!
I'm sharing an Essential Oils 101 post. I've loved incorporating these into my everyday routines for allergies, sleep support & so much more.
614 Mom-Vision Boards, How to Make One, Why They Work. First up is Eryn w the cutest post on how to make a Vision Board. As a recovering scrapbook-a- holic Vision Boards are right up my alley. Such a fun cute way to help  visualize your goals for the year.
Mission to Save- Penny Challenge. See how saving pennies each day can add up to $600+ savings. It’s a simple way to show kids the power of a penny saved! Includes a printable too.

Just Keep it Simple Fitness - Build your own workout plan in 6 easy steps! If you're like me walking into the gym with all the crazy equipment & body builders abound can be intimidating!!!!  Read Kathleen's guide to becoming more independent at the gym!!!!

Zen Life and Travel - How To Stay Healthy While Traveling. You don't have to totally get out of the healthy habits you formed at home when your on vacation!!  Here are 7 tips to stay on track while still enjoying your trip!!!

Find Where You Fit- Balance: It’s time to Re-Think Health  I love how Lindsey talks about "Letting in the Happy," and letting go of the guilt!!!!!

Lakes and Lattes - 2018 Personal Project - What Death Teaches about Life and a simple action that can have a BIG impact. Malini's post on how dealing with deal taught her to follow her heart seriously gave me goosebumps!! Read It!!!!

Wear Love Wanders - 10 things I’ve learned about myself from my struggle with weight loss. Kim lays out exactly what she feels she's done wrong in past attempts to over haul her health and I'm pretty sure we can all relate to every single one of them!!!!

My Life in the Blink- Wherever you are, be fully there. How to embrace life right where you are this coming year.  If you're in the season of the constant balancing, multi tasking and feeling like you aren't doing any of it well than this is the post for you!!!!
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